Trump admin diverts millions of masks from VA hospital

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Tell Trump and Las Vegas' mayor: DON'T open casinos and tourist traps that would endanger every American!


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Trump administration diverted masks from veterans hospitals, VA official says

The president isn’t just refusing to help. He’s actively making things much worse.

Take Action: Tell Trump to stop self-congratulating and scapegoating and get hospitals the tools they need to save lives!

Donald Trump Jr. brutally scorched on Twitter after his snarky conspiracy theorist’s reply to Hillary Clinton tweet
The former Secretary of State had warned the public against using the president’s disinfectant cure when Don Jr. replied with a post that invited much ridicule.

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A disturbing new study suggests Sean Hannity’s show helped spread the pandemic
Sophisticated new research links Hannity’s coronavirus misinformation to “a greater number of cases and deaths.”

Take Action: Check out the WHO’s list of precautions you can take to avoid infection WITHOUT panicking.

Biden rips Republican influence in stimulus packages, labels big companies ‘greedy’
Biden said “this is the second time we’ve bailed their asses out,” saying big banks like Wells Fargo are “only alive because of the American taxpayer.”

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Prescriptions for two malaria drugs surged after Trump’s falsely praised them as pandemic treatment
Within 24 hours of the president’s bogus claim, first-time prescriptions of the drugs surged by more than 4,600%.

Take Action: Tell Trump to STOP promoting false treatments. They’re killing people!

Kentucky governor rebukes McConnell’s “disastrous” plan for state bankruptcy
The Senate Leader wants to bail out corporations and let states and first responders fail. Andy Beshear called him out for it.

Election year is here!

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Leaked Republican Party memo tells senators “don’t defend Trump” on pandemic
Even the president’s own party knows that his deadly ignorant actions are indefensible.

Steve Bannon compares China to Nazi regime on Fox, calls for ‘overthrow’
Trump’s allies are stoking racist fears and seeking to destabilize the planet in the hopes of distracting from his deadly failures.

Significant increase in calls to poison control after Trump disinfectant remarks
Poison control officials in New York City said that calls for bleach and Lysol-related issues doubled after the president’s comments.

Trump’s afternoon Twitter tirades explain why he ceased holding his news briefings
The president has a lot of time on his hands now that he’s foresworn allowing the press to confront his version of reality.

Trump ponders firing Health & Human Services Secretary
Alex Azar could be the next Trump ally to be sacrificed for the president’s deadly failures.

HHS staffer arrested for bringing gun and ammunition to work
Health department branch chief, who has been in a stressful post overseeing coronavirus relief, calls the decision to carry the weapon “a mistake.”

Firms with Trump links or worth $100 million got small business loans
Three companies with ties to the Trump admin received millions under the PPP program. Another got a loan from a bank that once employed its board’s chair.

Michigan state senator apologizes for wearing Confederate Flag mask
The Republican represents a northern state and a racist party.

Vanity Fair writer: “How Donald Trump almost killed my husband”
The crisis could have been abated by a president with a modicum of competence. Here’s what I learned about politics, power, and the human spirit when my husband almost died.


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