Trump admits killing Soleimani due to impeachment pressures

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Today’s Top Stories:

New report says Trump admitted he was pressured to kill Soleimani by Senators over impeachment

A stunning report from the Wall Street Journal appears to show the President started a major international crisis to improve his chances of surviving impeachment.

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Trump drone strike hits 60 innocent people as U.S kills Taliban commander we once gave money, weapons to
The tragic irony and senseless brutality of America’s interminable war in Afghanistan was put on gruesome display in this mass killing.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Reporter calls out Pompeo to his face for lying about “imminent threat”

Trump’s lies fell apart for all to see.

Republican Senator Susan Collins spearheading push to allow new Trump impeachment witnesses
A member of the president’s own party is quietly working with a group of senators to ensure the truth has a chance to be told.

Take Action: Demand McConnell recuse himself from the impeachment trial after he admitted coordinating with Trump!

Trump flip flops, claims his executive privilege prevents Bolton’s impeachment trial testimony
The president abruptly shifted course on Friday afternoon, hinting at serious developments behind the scenes in the Senate.

Trump babbles incoherently in response to serious interview question about cybersecurity
The president made it painfully clear that he has not learned anything about cybersecurity since taking office.

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Speaker Pelosi says she’s preparing to send articles of Trump impeachment to the Senate
The president’s worst fears are about to become a reality as the Speaker makes preparations to begin his trial in the Senate.

Blindsiding Trump, most Republican governors have agreed to accept refugees
Both backers and foes of the White House position attribute the unexpected support for refugees to the influence of religious groups, especially evangelical leaders.

Take Action: Demand Trump stop sending refugees back to persecution and death.

De Blasio says Trump Organization tax practices referred to DA
“There is the possibility of a criminal act having been committed,” said New York’s mayor.

Iran says Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down unintentionally in fear of US aggression
The unintended consequences of Trump’s reckless assassination of Soleimani continue to mount.


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