Trump adviser lays out Trump’s plan to steal election on air


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Top Stories for November 2:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump adviser lays out plan for Trump to steal election on air

Despite absurd talking points parroted Trump adviser Jason Miller suggesting otherwise, you don’t get to stop counting votes in an election just because your candidate is ahead before all votes are counted.

Trump plans to declare premature victory Tuesday night, arguing (falsely) that many votes shouldn’t be counted
The president has told confidants he’ll declare victory on Tuesday night if it looks like he’s “ahead,” despite the fact that millions of ballots will not have been counted by then.

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Trump implodes in fatal misstep ahead of election

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: He finally went too far.

Biden vows not to let Trump “steal this election”
The Oval Office occupant has made no secret of his intent to stop legitimate votes from being counted, but team Biden is ready to fight back.

Trump attacks FBI for investigating supporters accused of harassing Biden bus
The “law and order” president complained on Twitter Sunday night about the FBI investigating a caravan of his supporters surrounding and harassing a Biden campaign bus on a busy Texas highway Friday.

Fox News’s Chris Wallace “pissed off” first family didn’t wear masks during debate, suggests Trump has “daddy issue”
When asked about the president’s repeated personal barbs and comparisons to his late father Mike Wallace, the Fox News correspondent responded, “One of us has a daddy issue, and it’s not me.”

Trump publicly fantasizes about beating up Biden
The president daydreamed aloud at a Florida campaign rally about how he would physically assault Joe Biden if he had the chance.

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Election year is here!

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Caravans of Trump supporters block traffic on major NJ parkway, NY bridge
Hundreds of pro-Trump supporters — and one Trump lookalike — blockaded busy highways with vehicles decorated with American flags and Trump campaign flags. Meanwhile, anti-Trump protesters on foot in Manhattan were met by police in full riot gear.

Take Action: Tell judges to throw out Trump and Republicans’ schemes to suppress the vote!

Labor leaders propose nationwide general strike if Trump loses but does not accept the results
The AFL-CIO, the largest federation of unions in America, recently approved a resolution that states, “The survival of democracy depends on the determination of working people to defend it. And America’s labor movement is indeed determined to defend our democratic republic.”

Take Action: Tell Democrats to expand the Supreme Court in 2021!

Trump tries to pay tribute to Sean Connery, but makes it all about himself
The president praised the late Scottish actor for all the wrong reasons in an early morning tweet.

House oversight report rips Trump admin’s pandemic response
The interim report, which collected information the panel has gathered since April, charges that the administration bungled the response in numerous ways, calling it an “American fiasco.”


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