Trump associate conspired with Proud Boys before coup

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Top Stories for March 6:

FBI: Trump White House associate in contact with Proud Boys before MAGA riot

Via cell phone and location data, the bureau determined that a person linked to the Trump administration corresponded with a Proud Boys member in the lead-up to the deadly Capitol siege.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Reporter tries to invoke Trump during press briefing… it does NOT go well

Jen Psaki made clear where the disgraced former president stands with the current administration.

Elizabeth Warren on using 14th Amendment to bar Trump from 2024 run

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: We’ve been waiting for this.

Senate Democrats reach deal to rework jobless benefits to advance relief bill
After pointless delay tactics from Republicans and a failed attempt to raise the minimum wage — in which just 42 senators supported the broadly popular poverty-crushing measure — the desperately needed bill will move forward with no support from Republicans.

Texas watchdog says state power-grid operator overcharged $16 billion in electricity bills during power outages
In news that should surprise no one, Texas’s deregulated power-grid operator ERCOT massively overcharged residents as the state was rocked by a deep freeze and power grid failures in late February.

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Biden backs new war powers vote in Congress to rein in open-ended conflicts

Facing a bipartisan push to sunset decades-old authorizations, the president will pursue “a narrow and specific framework” to rein in open-ended conflicts largely conducted without the consultation of the legislative branch.

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Libertarian state rep’s extremist anti-government “Three Percenter” tattoo raising eyebrows in Wyoming
Rep. Marshall Burt said he is not involved in any militia groups and got the tattoo simply because the “American Revolution symbolism” appealed to him. Right.

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Derek Chauvin, charged with George Floyd’s death, may face additional murder charge
An appeals court has ordered a Minnesota judge to consider charging former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin with third-degree murder in the death of George Floyd last May.

Democratic Congresswoman releases 2,000-page report showing Republicans’ social media posts about election fraud conspiracies
Zoe Lofgren’s damning report lays out how numerous Republicans relentlessly pushed misinformation and conspiracy theories about election fraud and kept at it even after Trump supporters laid siege to the Capitol.

Texas school under fire for chivalry assignment that had girls “obey any reasonable request of a male”
“Outside the classroom, ladies cannot show intellectual superiority if it would offend the men around them,” one prompt in the assignment said.

A day after forcing pointless marathon bill reading, GOP senator says he wants to leave Senate



Yes. Seriously.


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