Trump attacks evangelicals, alienating key voters

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Today’s Top Stories:

Trump attacks the evangelical magazine Christianity Today by calling it ‘radical left,’ and shows just how meaningless the phrase has become for him

Trump attacked the US’s preeminent evangelical magazine, Christianity Today, as “far left” after its editor in chief published an editorial calling for the president to be removed from office.

Take Action: Tell the U.S. Senate: Consider the overwhelming evidence for impeachment and CONVICT DONALD TRUMP!

Trump says he believes Ukraine election conspiracy because “Putin told me,” reveals former White House official
Trump’s disturbing relationship with the Russian strongman took an unnerving turn with new revelations from The Washington Post.

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Former Kentucky Governor says he pardoned child rapist because victim’s hymen was intact
Matt Bevin, who has been criticized for pardoning relatives of his supporters before leaving office, said that he pardoned one convicted child rapist because he didn’t believe he was guilty.

Take Action: Demand Rep. Jim Jordan resign after witnesses say he covered up serial sexual abuse on Ohio St. campus.

Melania and Ivanka are “complicit” in Trump’s attacks on widows, says Meghan McCain
The daughter of the late senator called out the president’s family over his shameful comments.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Evangelical leader calls on believers to ABANDON Trump!

The evangelical editor-in-chief of Christianity Today destorys Trump live on air as he doubles down on his call for evangelicals to abandon Trump and support his impeachment and removal!

25 Jewish members of Congress call on Trump to fire Stephen Miller over leaked emails
Twenty-five Jewish Democratic members of Congress are calling for Miller’s removal based on leaked emails that showed he promoted stories from white nationalist and fringe media organizations.

Take Action: Demand the immediate firing of Trump’s white supremacist advisor Stephen Miller!

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US service academies say hand gestures at Army-Navy game were a game and not racist
The academies claim that the hand gesture some cadets and midshipmen were seen making on camera was part of a game known as the “circle game” and not a white supremacist symbol.

Washington legislator Matt Shea accused of ‘Domestic Terrorism,’ report finds
Independent investigators found that Shea, as a leader of the Patriot Movement, “planned, engaged in, and promoted a total of three armed conflicts of political violence against the United States government.”

Take Action: No more excuses! Tell Trump and Republicans to take action to stop right wing gun violence NOW!

Trump top adviser: ‘Traditionally, it’s always been Republicans suppressing votes’
The campaign aide, who was recorded at a private event, said later he was referring to false allegations against the GOP.

Take Action: Reject Republican gerrymandering and draw FAIR district lines!

“It’s killing us”: midwestern workers savaged by Trump’s trade wars
Layoffs are common, shifts have been cut – and workers in America’s manufacturing and farming heartlands are losing hope


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