Trump attacks Oprah in unprovoked Twitter fit

Demand a refund for the public money Trump wasted on his golf outings!

Today’s Action: Keep the pressure on to save lives from gun violence

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Trump v Oprah

Trump launches an unprovoked attack on Oprah after her 60 Minutes special
She struck a nerve, and his insecurities came roaring out.

Trump blames the FBI for Florida school massacre. Joy Reid’s response breaks Twitter
The MSNBC anchor went viral with her eloquent but hard-hitting comeback.

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Every word of this powerful speech needs to be heard and acted upon.
Thanks to Emma Gonzalez for giving this AMAZING speech.

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Trump launches a vicious, unprovoked attack on Obama in inappropriate Sunday twitter fit
The beleaguered Republican president lashed out at his predecessor with a sinister smear.


Sally Yates gives Trump a viral smack down for exploiting Florida massacre victims
The president tried to use tragedy to excuse his crimes. The Attorney General he fired made him regret it.

Trump finally responds to demands to meet with Florida school shooting survivors
The students have called for a meeting, and the President just broke his silence.

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Today’s Action: Keep the pressure on to save lives from gun violence

As the majority of the nation joins the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School community in Parkland, Florida in sorrow and outrage over the 17 lives lost to gun violence last week, Republicans in Congress have made their strategy clear: Wait us out.

They’ll claim “this isn’t the time” to talk about gun safety until the cameras have turned away from the tear-soaked faces of the grieving, the justifiable uproar has fallen from the front pages, and the pressure to act has gone away.

That’s why it’s up to us to make sure the pressure to save lives only intensifies.

In the first 49 days of 2018, there have already been 34 mass shootings, nearly 40 Americans per day have been killed by gun violence (not including suicides), and 23% of the victims were children.

That should be more than enough to keep us outraged for the long-term, and it is an absolute disgrace that Republicans have no answer but “thoughts and prayers.”

Contact your Members of Congress by email or phone (202.224.3121) today and tell them the outrage isn’t going away, and this will absolutely be a voting issue for you on November 6.

Then, put a weekly reminder on your calendar to call again next week and the next week and the week after that, and don’t stop calling until the United States finally enacts some common sense protection to keep our nation’s children from being gunned down regularly in their own schools.

Tell your Democratic Members of Congress to keep fighting the good fight. Tell Republicans that they and their NRA backers have blood on their hands, and if that doesn’t make them reconsider their position, you’ll give them plenty of time to think it over after you force them into retirement on November 6.

PS — Save the date for three days of action:

March 14 – Women’s March Youth EMPOWER National School Walkout

March 24 – March For Our Lives

April 20 – National School Walkout

PPS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding a refund for the public money Trump wasted on his golf outings, and join the vast majority of Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!