Trump blames lack of mask mandate on Biden, gets BURNED

Tell Trump: Joe Biden isn't president, you are! Mandate public mask wearing nationwide now!


Top Stories for September 16:

Trump blames Biden for failing to institute a national mask mandate

Biden responded, “To be clear, I am not currently president.”

Take Action: Impeach Trump for letting Americans die when he KNEW the real dangers of the pandemic!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Audience member scolds Trump for interrupting, steals the show at town hall

Four years of softball interviews in the Fox News bubble has left the president woefully unprepared to actually face the American people.

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen”>
We’ve been waiting for this.

Pro-Trump youth group enlists teens in secretive campaign likened to a ‘troll farm,’ prompting rebuke by Facebook and Twitter
Minors are being paid to pump out conspiratorial messages at the direction of Turning Point USA, a prominent conservative youth organization based in Phoenix.

Trump shredded for sharing a tweet accusing Biden of being a pedophile
The president managed to stooped to even lower lows, promoting outlandish, offensive smears against his Democratic rival.

City of Louisville reaches $12 million settlement with Breonna Taylor’s family
The settlement also contains a number of police reforms, including changes to the use of search warrants, incentives for officers to live in the low-income areas they police, and the expansion of random drug testing of officers. In addition, social workers will be hired to assist with dispatched runs.

Take Action: Find out what you can do to support Black lives and take action!

Trump forgets which book he claimed he read all of last night, invents a new one to cover it up
The president had an embarrassing flub during this morning’s interview — and made it worse by doubling down.

Election year is here!

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HHS chief Alex Azar overrode FDA officials to ease testing rules
Azar led an escalating pressure campaign against his own FDA this spring and summer, urging the agency to abandon its responsibility for ensuring the safety and accuracy of a range of tests as the pandemic raged.

DOJ issues subpoenas in criminal probe of John Bolton’s memoir
Bill Barr has opened a criminal investigation into whether former national security adviser John Bolton disclosed classified information in his scathing memoir of his time serving the president.

Bob Woodward shoots down Jared Kushner’s claim that he has audio that exonerates himself
Under fire for calling Trump officials “overconfident idiots,” the president’s son-in-law tried and failed to do damage control.

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Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Sign up to be a poll worker

48 days to election day – and we still need poll workers for November 3rd. If you’re looking for a way to help usher in a Democratic victory, your efforts as a poll worker could be the difference between a shuttered voting location vs a place for thousands of people to vote for change.

Even before we had a pandemic, many areas struggled to recruit enough poll workers, leading to long lines and closed voting locations. This is particularly true in communities with high percentages of people of color, and is one of the many deterring factors against truly representative election results. Since poll workers often tend to be senior citizens, who are particularly vulnerable to infection, election officials are predicting a recruitment crisis this year.

Democratic voters are more likely to be negatively impacted by understaffed polling locations – so, we desperately need poll workers to defeat Donald Trump. Read the qualifications for each state’s sign-up process!

Poll workers ensure elections run smoothly and democratically (as best they can, in the face of GOP voter suppression laws). They are a vital part of our election system and upholding voter rights.

It’s time to think hard about whether it makes sense for you to sign up. If you or someone you interact with is considered especially vulnerable to the pandemic, this may not be the right choice for you. In fact, we suggest you NOT do it.

But if you and your pod are not at-risk, democracy would really love your help to stay alive. Because the reality is: we may not have a democracy after another four years of Trump and McConnell.

Read over your state’s rules for becoming a poll worker, and sign up today!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Trump to mandate public mask wearing nationwide now!, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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