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Top Stories for November 10:

“Furious” and “livid” Trump blames Melania for telling him to back Dr. Oz

Embarrassed and humiliated by Tuesday night’s lackluster performance by Trump’s hand-chosen candidates, the disgraced ex-president predictably lashed out at those closest to him.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kayleigh McEnany humiliates Trump live on Fox News

The seething propagandists at Fox News were quick to throw their dear leader under the bus following the GOP’s historic bag fumble Tuesday night.

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Unexpected early vote news stuns the US

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Here are all the races still uncalled as Senate control hangs on 2 states — and maybe a Georgia runoff redux
After a stunning GOP underperformance on Tuesday night, control of Congress still hangs in the balance as votes are still being counted. The GOP is projected to have a razor-thin majority in the House — setting up maximum chaos as Marjorie Taylor Greene and her cronies prepare to assert their newfound influence — while the outcomes of two out of three remaining Senate races in Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona will determine control of the Senate.

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New York Democrats spoil House party
The New York Democratic Party may have snatched defeat from the jaws of improbable victory in a disastrous self-own for the ages. Dysfunction among the party due to infighting, a distinct lack of urgency, and the abject failures of disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo — who infamously stacked his own state Supreme Court with Republicans who then threw out Dem-friendly redistricting maps — turned what should’ve been a historic midterm victory for Democrats into a nail-biting battle for control of Congress.

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Homeland Security admits it tried to manufacture fake terrorists for Trump
The Department of Homeland Security launched a failed operation that ensnared hundreds, if not thousands, of US protesters in what new documents show was a sweeping, power-hungry effort before the 2020 election to bolster Donald Trump’s spurious claims about a “terrorist organization” he accused his Democratic rivals of supporting.

Far-right Republicans signal they won’t back Kevin McCarthy for Speaker

They haven’t even won the House, and already the potential consequences of a narrow majority and the rabid hostility of the MAGA caucus towards establishment figures are creating major headaches for McCarthy’s ambitions. Cue world’s tiniest violins.

Republicans are all too happy to let their hypocrisy distract from climate crisis they are feeding and profiting from

EDF Action: The Environmental Defense Fund is working overtime to call out Republicans’ threat to the planet and force meaningful action before it’s too late. Chip in to help them get the job done!

Trump takes another shot at Ron DeSantis
The perpetually conniving ex-president continued to chip away at his perceived rival for the 2024 nomination by — of course — talking about how big his numbers are in comparison to the other guy’s numbers, which were smaller than his numbers. No projection or insecurity or cope here at all, folks!

Four out of five states vote to end slavery
150 years after the end of the Civil War, slavery remains very much alive and well in the United States, except we call it “prison labor” now. Four states — Tennessee, Alabama, Vermont, and likely (though not yet confirmed) Oregon — all voted to end the horrific practice that is widespread in America’s gulag archipelago. Louisiana, which operates a labor camp at its notorious Angola prison, voted no. Disgraceful.

State police investigating police-related death at shooting scene outside Pennsylvania Walmart
Kenneth Vinyard witnessed a shooting outside a Walmart and immediately ran over to help the victim. He was performing CPR when a man came over and told him to stop. The man, who it turns out was a plainclothes cop, shoved Vinyard so hard that he fell backwards, hit his head, and died. Protect and serve, right?

Billionaires emit a million times more greenhouse gases than the average person
Not only are the super-rich siphoning off colossal sums of money that should be paying for social programs and healthcare, they’re poisoning the planet at a jaw-dropping rate while they do it.


Midterm mop-up

The Grudge Report


Today’s Action: Tell the FTC we need safeguards against corporate data abuse!

The Federal Trade Commission started a long-overdue rulemaking process regarding online surveillance practices and corporate data abuse, and there are only 10 days left to let them know what we think. Even our most intimate online activity is currently tracked and legally recorded by companies, disproportionately — and unsurprisingly — affecting marginalized communities the most.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling earlier this year stripping Americans of our right to reproductive healthcare, the specter of criminalization has become even clearer. Uncontrolled access to our online habits and behaviors is an existential threat to basic privacy — one that can and will be wielded by moral zealots crusading for their dangerous vision of a theocratic America.

Corporations that want to keep unadulterated access to our online activity certainly have lobbyists and other stakeholders ready and willing to flood the FTC’s comment period in favor of continued, unfettered invasive data tracking. We must ensure that progressives and privacy advocates are also letting them know by the thousands that we demand sensible regulation that protects our privacy, data, and lives.

Join Fight For The Future’s call for meaningful safeguards against corporate data abuse and demand the FTC protects our online privacy now!  


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