Trump botches vaccine rollout, delaying delivery

Demand officials revoke approval for Trump’s new environmentally disastrous golf course!


Top Stories for December 18:

Pfizer says millions of doses of vaccine languishing in warehouse as Trump botches critical rollout in final weeks of presidency

The outgoing Oval Office occupant has abdicated any semblance of duty, failing to quickly and competently distribute the vaccine to a country that desperately needs it.

Take Action: Call voters in Georgia and help put Mitch McConnell and Republicans into the minority next year!

Trump’s Twitter account hacked again, this time with password “maga2020!”

The outgoing president’s account was previously hacked using the password “yourefired” in 2014.

Georgia Republicans pull HORRIFIC stunt over Trump’s fraud claims

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This is a new low.

Mike Pence — who flagrantly misled Americans about severity of pandemic — receives vaccine
The outgoing vice president and his wife, Karen, will be vaccinated on-camera to help build confidence among the public in the vaccine’s safety and efficacy.

Take Action: Demand Congress pass a relief package with stimulus checks now!

Trump remains silent as massive cyber hack poses ‘grave risk’ to government
The massive data breach, which began as far back as March, amounts to a dramatic and embarrassing coda for a presidency clouded by questions of deference to Russia and unsuccessful attempts to warm relations with Vladimir Putin. Just as he has largely ignored the latest pandemic surge, Trump appears to have all but checked out in his final weeks in office.

Take Action: Demand Congress stop Trump from squandering resources to fast-track his stupid wall!

Deb Haaland makes history as Biden’s pick to run Interior Department
Haaland, a Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico, is the first Native American nominated to a Cabinet secretary position. “A voice like mine has never been a Cabinet secretary or at the head of the Department of Interior. I’ll be fierce for all of us, our planet, and all of our protected land,” Haaland tweeted.

Proud Boys busted plotting to disrupt Biden inauguration
Trump told the knife-toting goons to “stand by” — but they aim to do much more than that come January…

Take Action: Tell Republicans to put country over party and condemn Trump’s made-for-TV coup!

Say Happy Holidays with Election Victory Gear

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Tucker Carlson broadcasts ugly, misogynistic rant against Dr. Jill Biden
The Fox News host joined the battle in the latest right-wing culture war aimed at the incoming First Lady.

MAGA leaders call for the military to keep Trump in office
A growing call to invoke the Insurrection Act shows how hard-edged and disconnected from reality MAGA ideology has become in the wake of the outgoing president’s decisive election loss.

Rand Paul openly frets people voting will “affect the outcome” of Georgia runoffs
Kentucky’s other awful senator tells Fox News he’s “very, very concerned” that more people are being encouraged to vote in Georgia.


Winter is here.

You don’t say…


Today’s Action: Take action in Georgia before your holidays get busy!

Even for those in complete lockdown, the holidays may be getting busy with virtual family gatherings, last-minute gift shopping, baking and decorating, and at-home movie marathons. But before you settle in for down time…

…remember that the fate of the Senate is being decided right now in Georgia! Early voting has begun for both Senate run-off elections, and if we win both seats, we win control of the Senate.

But GOP voter suppression has ramped up. Major cuts to early voting sites in certain counties that went for Biden have caused 2+ hour lines and significantly depressed turnout in Democratic, predominantly POC, areas.

Volunteer outreach is the key to beating voter suppression. Commit to at least one volunteer shift before the holidays get crazy!

We MUST win the Senate! 

Winning the Senate is arguably just as important as winning the White House. Without Democratic control, Mitch McConnell will be just as much a roadblock for Biden’s agenda as he has been for House Democrats. And he won’t mind at all if we get nothing done the next two years.

Georgia’s Senate candidates, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, are fantastic Democrats for the state and fully capable of beating the Trump-chump incumbents. But voters will need your encouragement to battle the raging suppression that the GOP is bringing, still scalding from their loss of the presidency and making this last effort to block our goals.

Give yourself the gift you want more than anything: a Democratic agenda in 2021.

Sign up for a two-hour shift this weekend to Get Out The Vote in Georgia!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding officials revoke approval for Trump’s new environmentally disastrous golf course, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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