Trump brags that he’s renting our military to Saudis

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Trump brags he’s renting out U.S. military to Saudi Arabia: “They’re paying us for everything!”

Trump sent more troops to Saudi Arabia after taking them out of Syria and betraying the Kurds. His excuse to the media left a sour taste in the nation’s mouth.

Take Action: Tell Trump to cut ties with his Saudi royal pals after they brutally executed 37 people in sham trials.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox host calls out Newt Gingrich, who impeached Clinton, for Trump defense

The former Speaker argued that Trump’s impeachment would backfire and fell flat.

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White House accidentally sends Ukraine talking points to Democrats again
The criminal enterprise (White House) is being run by idiots.

Trump distances himself from Giuliani after FBI opens investigation into his crimes with arrested associates
Asked if Rudy Giuliani is still his attorney, Trump replies: “Well, I don’t know.”

Trump’s EU ambassador announces he will defy White House and testify in impeachment inquiry
One of the key pieces in Trump’s Ukraine-Biden scandal is set to spill the beans.

Kevin McAleenan, Trump’s Homeland Security secretary, resigns after six months in the job
Another rat flees the dumpster fire.

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Turkey bombs U.S. Special Forces hill as invasion of Kurdish-held Syria escalates
The president’s impulsive decision to abandon our Kurdish allies has now put U.S. servicemen in danger.

5 explosive lines from ex-ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s statement to Congress
Trump forced out a good career diplomat in order to conspire with the Ukraine. Now she’s speaking out.

Federal judge says Trump’s use of emergency funds to build wall is unlawful
Trump continues to flout the law, but the courts are having their say.

More potential whistleblowers are contacting Congress
The first two officials who came forward about the president’s pressure campaign on Ukraine seem to be just the beginning, according to Hill sources.

Trump asked Tillerson to help broker deal to end U.S. prosecution of Turkish trader represented by Giuliani
The president’s massive corruption continues to spill out into the public eye.

Trump crudely re-enacted intimate scene between FBI agents at Minneapolis rally
The president gave a deeply uncomfortable and cringe-worthy display at last night’s unhinged rally.


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