Trump busted faking his ISIS raid “war room” photo

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Reporters bust Trump for staging his ISIS chief raid “war room” photo because he was golfing

Rather than monitoring the raid as Obama did during the Bin Laden killing, Trump was just leaving his golf club as the military action began.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Pence asked four times in a row if he knew of Trump’s quid pro quo

Trump’s VP/accomplice had no answer.

Trump greeted with boos at Game 5 of World Series, fans chant ‘lock him up’

The despised president was shocked by the hatred that showered him.

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Trump informed Russia but not Democrats ahead of raid on ISIS chief
The president appears to trust the Russian government more than he does his fellow Americans.

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U.S. Military and Intel officials: Isis raid successful “in spite of” Trump’s actions
Counterterrorism leaders say that the president’s recent decision to abandon the Kurds made the long-planned mission much more dangerous.

Marine combat veteran recounts ‘crushing’ deportation to El Salvador
“I love America. I would fight for it again. I won’t turn my back on it. I really need it not to have its back turned to me,” the combat veteran said.

Take Action: Tell Congress to stop Trump’s inhumane treatment of immigrants!

Bolton Deputy wants court ruling before he talks in Trump impeachment inquiry
The official is being ordered to defy the law by the President of the United States, and the courts will have to weigh in.

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California Rep. Katie Hill resigns amid ethics investigation
The freshman is stepping down as the president soldiers on with dozens of sexual assault allegations against him.


Today’s Action: All hands on deck for November elections

November may not be a big election month where you live, but it certainly is in several states across the country. Democrats in these traditionally red states has a big blue possibility in these key races….


That’s right, Kentucky, home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could have a Democratic governor by next week. Polls show Republican incumbent Matt Bevin locked in a tight race with the popular Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear, and the Washington Post ranks it the most likely governor’s seat to flip to Democrats this year. Sign up to phonebank to flip Kentucky’s Governor seat!


If Jennifer Riley Collins wins Mississippi’s Attorney General position, she’ll be the first Black woman to win a statewide election since Reconstruction, and the first-ever woman Attorney General. Riley Collins is a civil rights lawyer, 32-year army veteran, and former executive director of Mississippi’s ACLU. She could not be more qualified to lead the way in the deep south on civil rights, voting rights, healthcare, and abortion access. Sign up to phonebank for Mississippi Democrats and elect Jennifer Riley Collins!


One of the biggest victories in 2017 was our work in Virginia, where Democrats banked 15 seats in the House of Delegates, coming within literally one vote of flipping the legislature. With Trump’s recent all-time-low approval rating in the state, seizing complete Democratic control in the Southern state has never been closer! Electing progressives to overturn the second-most restrictive voter ID laws in the nation would empower multitudes of Virginians to exercise their right to make their voices heard, with the added benefit of adding about four more Democrats in the House of Representatives! Sign up to phonebank to flip Virginia!


The Lonestar State has a special election for one of the nine seats needed to give the state House a Democratic majority in 2020. And, it’s in a rapidly-diversifying district that Beto O’Rourke only lost by 3% during his 2018 Senate campaign. Democratic candidate Dr. Eliz Markowitz is running on a platform that mirrors Democratic national policy: breaking GOP gerrymandering and voter restrictions, expanding healthcare access, ending mass incarceration, and more. Sign up to phonebank to flip a Texas district and elect Dr. Eliz Markowitz!

Whether you choose one election and dig deep, or split your time between the four campaigns, every phone call you make moves us a little closer to historic Democratic victories in unlikely places!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to stop Trump’s un-American plan to deny automatic citizenship to the kids of troops and workers serving our country overseas, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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