Trump busted for lie about public support for his wall

Reject Trump's appointment of an oil lobbyist as head of the Interior Department!


Today’s Action: New House, New Vote — End U.S. Terror in Yemen

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Trump gets busted in a humiliating lie about public support for his wall

In his press briefing, Trump swore he was being flooded with calls about the wall — but there’s an embarrassing problem.

Take Action: Add your name to urge Speaker Pelosi & Sen. Schumer hold firm. Don’t fund Trump’s stupid border wall!

Nancy Pelosi sends shivers down Trump’s spine with an unprecedented indictment statement
The new Speaker of the House started her first day by dropping a bombshell that Americans have been waiting for.

Take Action: Sign the petition to stop Trump from firing Special Prosecutor Mueller!

People in all 50 states are defying Trump’s efforts to undo Obama’s climate saving legacy with this online service

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A video of Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college leaks and conservatives are losing it

Even better, their smear attack backfired in epic fashion.

Trump privately admits to Pelosi why he won’t end the shutdown and it’s beyond pathetic
The president let the cat out of the bag during a private meeting — but it wasn’t long before reporters got the dismaying scoop.

Take Action: Sign the pettition to stop pay to Trump and Congress until Republicans reopen the government!

Three of our allies are furious at Trump and fire back at his crazy, offensive remarks in cabinet meeting

The president managed to offend THREE other countries with his wild ramblings — and they want answers.

Twitter hilariously dances on the graves of Paul Ryan and Trump’s majority
Social media is gleefully celebrating the end of Republican control, and it’s GLORIOUS.

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Today’s Action: New House, New Vote — End U.S. Terror in Yemen

Last month, the Senate voted 56-41 to pass a resolution to end U.S. military involvement in Yemen, where the worst humanitarian crisis of our generation is well underway. 50,000 Yemenis have already been killed and 13 million more are starving to death, but Trump has continued his praise AND weapons supply for the Saudi Arabian regime responsible…possibly due to his own private business interests in Saudi Arabia.

But the old House voted to maintain our bloodshed, with five Democrats breaking ranks to join Republicans. The actions of both Republicans and these five Democrats is inexcusable.

Now, we have a new House, full of the progressive voices we fought so hard to place in power, but after the Democrats failed to stand united on the last vote, we can’t take anything for granted. The entire Congress must now turn their attention to stopping America’s contributions to genocide.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Member of the House of Representatives. If your representative is:

A re-elected Republican, tell them you are holding them responsible for the lives of 13 million Yemenis who cannot wait any longer — but now they have a chance to fix their previous vote.

A newly-elected Republican, tell them you expect them to break party lines if they want to avoid blood on their hands.

A re-elected Democrat (except the five below), thank them for their vote last month, and tell them you expect them to prioritize ending US involvement in Yemen immediately.

A newly-elected Democrat, welcome them to the House and tell them to sponsor or co-sponsor legislation to end US involvement in Yemen

Democrat Jim Costa (CA), Al Lawson (FL), Collin Peterson (MN), Dutch Ruppersberger (MD), or David Scott (GA), tell them you’re watching their vote closely. They have a second chance…and you’ll expect them on the right side of history this time, or replace them in 2020.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to reject Trump’s appointment of an oil lobbyist as head of the Interior Department, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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