Trump Cabinet meeting goes off rails: ’20 minutes of nonsense’

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Tell Trump: School shootings are domestic terrorism, and it's time you did something to stop them!


BREAKING: Justin Trudeau fends off conservative challenge to win second term as Canada’s Prime Minister

Today’s Top Stories:

CNBC reporter reacts to Trump’s bonkers Cabinet meeting: “20 minutes of nonsense” which was “very sad actually”

John Harwood didn’t mince his words discussing a meeting during which the president took credit for capturing ISIS and called a part of the Consitution “phony.”

Take Action: Tell the courts to reject Trump’s absurd argument against complying with an impeachment inquiry!

Trump just melted down after a key ally turned on him

From the Founder of OD Action, Democratica is already one of the top political podcasts in America. This week AJ and Stu unpack the defection that caused a week of total panic and devastating errors from Trump’s White House.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump has complete meltdown over Doral reversal

The president is unraveling as his corruption comes into focus.

Schiff issues blistering condemnation of Republicans after they try to censure him
The congressman in charge of the impeachment inquiry unloaded on Trump’s enablers for trying to obstruct justice.

Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister disparaged Ukraine to Trump
All roads really do point to Russia with “America’s” president.

Trump’s own aides nix his picks to take over Department of Homeland Security
The president’s staff has determined a federal law governing agency succession makes Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Morgan ineligible.

Take Action: Stop Trump’s un-American plan to deny automatic citizenship to the kids of troops and workers serving our country overseas!

Nancy Pelosi releases handy cheat-sheet about all of Trump’s impeachable offenses
The House Speaker’s office compiled an easy to digest guide to the case against the president.

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“I’m the one who did the capturing”: Trump tries to claim credit for Kurdish victories over ISIS
Cadet Bone Spurs is delusional enough to take personal credit for capturing ISIS without ever having spent even a day in combat.

Take Action: Tell Congress: Undo Trump’s deadly betrayal of Kurdish allies before anyone else gets killed!

House Democrats zero in on ‘abuse of power’ in Trump impeachment inquiry
Pelosi is said to favor one sweeping charge related to Ukraine, but there’s some debate about the need for additional charges.

Inside Trump’s first Pentagon briefing
“What I saw there that foretold the coming rift between Mattis and the president—and today’s foreign policy crises.”


Today’s Action: Elevate lives lost to police brutality on social media

Earlier this month, Atatiana Jefferson was playing video games in her own home with her 8-year-old nephew when she was shot to death by a Fort Worth, Texas police officer. The officer was called to the home by a neighbor concerned that the door was open, and did not identify himself as a cop before he opened fire on Jefferson through the window.

This tragedy occurred just two weeks after the conviction of an officer in nearby Dallas, who shot and killed her neighbor Botham Jean after entering his apartment by accident, thinking it was her own.

Both officers are white, and both Jefferson and Jean were Black…two more lives lost in our nation’s centuries-old systemic legacy of brutality, violence, and murder of the Black community.

Today’s action is to boost visibility of the violence our police forces perpetuate on people of color in our country. Follow Black Lives Matter Los Angeles’s More Than A Hashtag project on Instagram, or visit the website, and share one of the posts – a life lost to police violence – with your followers on social media, encouraging them to do the same.

There were only 23 days in 2018 in which police did not kill someone in our country, and Black people are three times as likely to be killed as white people. Of those killed, Black victims are more likely to be unarmed than white victims.

Statistic after statistic prove our policing has a chronic, deadly bias against Black people – and yet our politicians have done little to combat the daily threat Black communities face from those theoretically there to ‘protect and serve.’ Which means it’s up to us to make sure this isn’t an issue they can continue to ignore, or in some cases, welcome.

We’ll be coming to you with more steps to take in the coming weeks and months…but for now, let’s start with our own awareness, and that of our friends and families.

Follow Black Lives Matter Los Angeles’s More Than A Hashtag living alter for those killed by police violence, and share a post with your own followers. (Not on Instagram? Visit the website and share a post on your favorite social media platform!)

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition Calling on Trump to label school shootings domestic terrorism and do something to stop them, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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