Trump caught bilking fans out of millions with concession refusal

Charge Trump's Postmaster General for delaying the mail, a federal offense


Top Stories for November 9:

Trump’s flurry of “campaign defense fund” emails have fine print

The losing campaign has sent dozens of emails to followers begging for cash to challenge the election, but that money is being used to pay Trump’s debts.

Take Action: Demand Trump concede the election to President-elect Biden!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News’s Chris Wallace just called out Trump over his refusal to concede the race

The president’s former favorite news network hit him bluntly over his childish refusal to accept the clear outcome of the election and his baseless accusations of nationwide fraud.

Final Trump effort goes down in flames with HUMILIATING gaffe

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: The Trump campaign just hit ROCK BOTTOM.

Pfizer, BioNTech say their vaccine is more than 90% effective
Pfizer said its preliminary analysis shows that its vaccine, which was developed in partnership with the German drugmaker BioNTech, is more than 90% effective in preventing the disease, and no serious safety concerns have been observed so far during tests on more than 40,000 people in six countries.

President-elect Biden planning flurry of executive orders to undue Trump damage
First-day orders are set to include actions on climate, protections for “dreamers,” reversal of immigration bans, and rejoining the World Health Organization.

Desperate Trump planning to hold rallies and display obits of supposedly dead voters
In an increasingly flailing effort to undercut the legitimacy of his election loss at the hands of President-Elect Biden, Trump’s legal team and remaining campaign apparatus are preparing to hold press conferences and in-person rallies where they plan to display the supposed evidence behind the incumbent’s baseless claims of voter fraud—including obituaries of dead people who purportedly cast ballots.

With eviction bans set to expire, Jared Kushner-owned company moving to evict hundreds of out-of-work tenants
Westminster Management, a division of Kushner Companies, sent eviction notices to hundreds of tenants who have fallen behind on their rent, many after becoming unemployed due to the pandemic, threatening them with legal fees and court proceedings.

George W. Bush congratulates President-elect Biden, urges unity
The former president is the most prominent Republican so far to congratulate Biden as Trump refuses to concede the election.

Trump appointee refusing to sign papers allowing critical Biden post-election transition to begin
A decisive election result normally causes the administrator of the General Services Administration to sign official paperwork giving the incoming transition team access to government officials as well as millions of dollars and office space. But, two days after all major media outlets projected Biden as the clear winner, Trump’s GSA Administrator Emily Murphy has steadfastly refused to do her job.

FBI investing robocalls that told at least 800K swing state residents to “stay home”
More than 3 million calls were made to voters in six presidential swing states warning them to remain at home on Election Day.


Not out of the woods…


Today’s Action: Diving back in for the Senate!

The biggest thanks and congratulations to absolutely everyone in the OD Action community. Your efforts fighting Donald Trump over the past four years, building the Blue Wave in 2018, and getting out the vote in 2020 have reached the conclusion we have hoped and dreamed about since the day that man was announced as President.

Now, we hope you had a glass of bubbly and a nice long nap over the weekend…because our other goal of flipping the Senate is still in play! In huge thanks to the Black activist leaders in Georgia, who have worked tirelessly to engage and register new voters of color and particularly Black voters, Georgia is the (not officially confirmed, but nearly certain) blue state we always knew it could be!

Both Senate seats are up for grabs and heading to run-off elections on January 5th. If we secure both, the Senate is OURS.

Our primary goal between now and January 5th is flipping both Georgia Senate seats in the run-off election. Make a donation to fund on-the-ground efforts to register Georgia voters and help both candidates campaign. This link will three-way split your gift between both Democratic candidates, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, and Stacey Abrams’ grassroots voter registration organization Fair Fight, which was pivotal in registering Georgian voters to turn the state blue for Biden this year.

Both Democratic candidates are to be admired and supported. Rev. Raphael Warnock is Black pastor and activist who has spent years in the field of voter rights and registration. He’s fighting for climate policy, affordable health care, and ending mass incarceration and privatized prisons. And he’s been endorsed by Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Stacey Abrams, among many others.

Jon Ossoff is an investigative journalist who’s campaigning for clean energy, women’s healthcare (his wife is an OB/GYN!), LGBTQ rights, and ending Citizens United. Ossoff worked with and was endorsed by the legendary late Black civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis, and is also endorsed by President Obama.

Both races will be tight. But Georgia has flipped blue for Biden…which means flipping both Senate seats blue is our next fully-achievable challenge!

Make a donation to support Rev. Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff, and Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight organization. We’ve got until January 5th to secure these two Georgia Senate seats and hand Joe Biden complete control of Congress!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition charge Louis DeJoy for delaying the mail, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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