Trump caught hiding key pandemic data as cases surge


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Top Stories for October 30:

Internal documents reveal pandemic hospitalization data the Trump administration keeps hidden

Withholding this information from the public and the research community is a missed opportunity to help prevent outbreaks and even save lives, say public health and data experts.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Surging Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff torched embattled GOP Sen. David Perdue during Georgia senate race debate

Ossoff’s debate victory was so resounding, Perdue fecklessly backed out of their final scheduled showdown, effectively waving the white flag of defeat.

Take Action: Use SwingLeft’s tools to see what you can do to help Democrats win in the states that matter most today!

The two reasons Democrats feel GREAT about 2021 right now (not polling)

New from Democratica: The writing is on the wall for Republicans, and it’s even worse than they feared.

One of the cops who broke into Breonna Taylor’s home and killed her sues her boyfriend for emotional distress
This is disgusting.

Don Jr. claims pandemic deaths are “almost nothing” as count surpasses 1000 per day
Dismissing the surging number of daily cases across the nation and a death toll approaching 230,000, the Trump scion insisted that “we’ve gotten control” of the virus, citing his Instagram account as proof.

Thousands of requested mail-in ballots missing in Pennsylvania
Nearly 40,000 registered voters in Butler County requested mail ballots. So far, only 24% of them have been returned to the county, by far the lowest rate among the state’s 67 counties.

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Trump’s commerce secretary sat on Chinese joint venture board while running US-China trade war
Chinese documents show that Wilbur Ross maintained a disturbing conflict of interest that gave him a vested interest in America’s adversary.

Election year is here!

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Bill Barr’s DOJ quietly quashes probe into Tamir Rice killing
No steps were taken to formally close the case, such as informing Rice’s family why no charges would be filed, but the probe was effectively abandoned in August 2019.

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Vermont Secretary of State blasts Kavanaugh, after he “corrects” his deeply flawed, anti-democracy opinion
I will not sit idly by while Justice Kavanaugh uses factually incorrect information about the Green Mountain State as cover to erode voting rights in the middle of a pandemic-distressed election.

HHS official sought to turn $300 million taxpayer-funded pandemic ad campaign into Trump reelection tool
Documents reveal how overtly political considerations shaped Michael Caputo’s desired ad campaign theme, dubbed: “Helping the President will Help the Country.”



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: It’s the Last Weekend – FIVE DAYS LEFT!

It’s the FriYAY before we defeat Donald Trump, flip the Senate, strengthen our majority in the House, and flip state legislatures blue. (Or it’s the nail-biting, midnight-Twitter-scrolling, can’t-shut-off-brain Friday before Election Day…at which point we still plan to achieve those goals, in spite of the anxiety.) But we need everyone’s help to make it across the finish line of this four-year marathon against bigotry, hatred, and greed.

The polls are looking favorable, but we can’t depend on the polls. Besides error, they don’t account for the rigorous legal and physical voter suppression that the GOP has enacted against Democratic voters across the nation. The sabotage of the United States Postal Service. The “Army For Trump” intimidation groups. Not to mention the pandemic itself.

Democrats in swing states need your help spreading the word to Get Out The Vote – AND to encourage voting in very specific ways, as it’s now beyond the deadline that USPS will guarantee mailed ballots will arrive back to election officials by November 3.

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There’s a volunteer opportunity for every personal strength and every personal situation. What’s most important is that you take action (beyond voting) during The Last Weekend to ensure Trump is a one-term president!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Democrats to expand the Supreme Court in 2021, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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