Trump caught spying on House Democrats and families

Tell Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to listen to HER OWN STATE and abolish the damn filibuster!


Top Stories for June 11:

Adam Schiff calls for investigation following report that Democrats’ phone records were seized by Trump DOJ

The California Democrat lambasted the “terrible abuse of power” and called the DOJ under Trump “a fully owned subsidiary of the president’s personal legal interests and political interests.”

Take Action: Arrest Donald Trump.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jill Biden responds to swipe at Melania Trump with “LOVE” jacket

Dr. Biden offered the clearest of contrasts compared to her predecessor in her first foreign trip as First Lady, spreading a message of unity and love at the start of the G7 summit in Cornwall, England.

Take Action: Demand funding for zero emission transit and busses immediately!

Democrats finally score HUGE win

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: We’ve been waiting for this.

Arizona ballot audit backed by secretive donors linked to Trump’s inner circle
Follow. The. Money.

Bipartisan Senate group reaches tentative infrastructure deal, but skepticism prevails
Five Democrats and five Republicans say they arrived at a compromise. But other GOP senators are skeptical, and many Democrats are getting impatient.

Take Action: Add your name to tell Congress the time to take big action on climate is NOW!

Medeival history buff and European martial arts teacher jailed for four months for slapping President Emmanuel Macron

Damien Tarel testified that several days ahead of Mr. Macron’s visit to the southeastern Drome region, he had thought about throwing an egg or a cream tart at the president, or perhaps challenging him to a sword duel.

GOP Sens. Graham and Sasse praise Biden’s purchase of 500 million Pfizer vaccines to share globally
A strong, steady hand at the helm is a most welcomed development in American politics, even for some in the GOP.

Democracy is on the line! The GOP sees the writing on the wall so they want to restrict voting to the few they select.

No Dem Left Behind: Watch this 60-sec video and hear Democratic star Richard Ojeda’s plan to pressure Manchin and Sinema to get in line and pass the For the people Act.

Oregon GOP legislator ousted for orchestrating state Capitol breach
The Oregon House of Representatives ousted Republican Rep. Mike Nearman Thursday night by a vote of 59-1, the first time in state history a sitting Oregon lawmaker has been expelled.

“Stop the Steal” protest organizer indicted on MAGA riot conspiracy charges
Alan Hostetter, a law enforcement veteran, and five other alleged members of the Three Percenter militia group have been indicted for their roles in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Man sentenced to prison for threatening Trump whistle-blower’s lawyer
Brittan Atkinson sent an email to attorney Mark Zaid in 2019, threatening to hunt him down and “bleed you out like the pigs you are.”



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: No gun safety laws with the filibuster in place.

This week, we’ve been profiling the pieces of legislation Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is considering bringing to a vote to test his party’s patience with the filibuster, the GOP’s favorite tool of obstruction. From voting rights for BIPOC communities, to equal pay for women, to LGBTQ+ civil rights, each piece of legislation seeks to boost key protections for historically oppressed groups. But now, we turn to a topic that targets absolutely every demographic: gun violence.

We have had 260 mass shootings (with 289 deaths) in 2021 alone, and these numbers do not include the thousands of smaller shootings with fewer but no-less tragic victims.

Schumer plans to hold the Senate’s feet to the fire this month in addressing this epidemic in our country. Time to get loud.

Call or email your Senators and demand they pass common sense gun safety laws – and overturn the filibuster if that’s what it takes to finally get action on this deadly epidemic!

Schools, jobs, movie theaters, concerts…we deserve safety from random acts of violence in our everyday environments. But we aren’t – there is no state in the country that is completely safe from gun violence.

And so much of it is solvable through basic common sense legislation. 90% of Americans support universal background checks, a rare bipartisan issue. Expanded waiting periods on gun purchases is another popular policy. And if not now, with a Democratic trifecta in the White House, Senate, and House, when?

Our leaders must put an end to this violence NOW.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Senators and demand their support for universal background checks, expanded waiting periods on purchases, and other common sense gun safety laws. Tell Democrats they must pass these laws, even if it takes overturning the filibuster.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to listen to her own state and abolish the damn filibuster, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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