Trump caves on G-7, tries to undo his corrupt deal

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Today’s Top Stories:

Trump abandons plan to host G-7 summit at his Miami resort

With impeachment looming, Trump was unable to follow through with his latest corrupt scheme.

Take Action: Tell Mitch McConnell to join Democrats in anti-corruption rules or be complicit in the president’s crimes!

Top human rights lawyer says U.S. could face Crimes Against Humanity accusations over Trump’s Syria betrayal
Trump’s turning of a blind eye to the atrocities unfolding in Syria could have far-reaching consequences for him and his team.

Take Action: Tell Congress to undo Trump’s deadly betrayal of Kurdish allies before anyone else gets killed!

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Judge rejects Republican “poll tax” in Florida that would prevent newly enabled ex-prisoners from voting
The GOP scheme to prevent last year’s ballot measure from being implemented came to a crashing halt with the judge’s ruling.

Take Action: End gerrymandering that cheats voters and gives Republicans an unfair advantage!

Trump’s former ethics chief slams his G7 hosting: “If this is not corrupt, nothing is corrupt.”
Walter Shaub condemned the president’s deal to use his own resort for the G7 as an attempt to test the limits of how much he can get away with.

Trump attacks Hillary Clinton over Jill Stein “Russian asset” accusations
The president calls the Democrats’ environmental policies disastrous as he staffs the EPA with energy industry lobbyists.

Republican governor’s billionaire family farms gets maximum subsidy meant to help struggling farmers with Trump’s trade war
Apparently, government handouts are cool when it’s to the white, wealthy, and connected.

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Sandy Hook father to receive $450,000 from conspiracy theorist, jury says
Retired professor James Fetzer, co-author of the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” was found guilty in June of defaming Leonard Pozner.

Florida’s Republican governor downplayed ties to Giuliani associates. Pictures of them hugging tell a different story
Ron DeSantis shrugged off past donor controversies. Now it’s not going away.

Rudy Giuliani took his now-indicted Ukrainian friend to President Bush’s funeral
Jeb Bush Says It’s “Disappointing.”

Rep. Francis Rooney, first Republican to consider impeaching Trump, not running for reelection
The Republican says he’s tired of partisanship but has yet to do anything about it but walk away.

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