Trump CFO surrenders on felony charges

Demand Democrats include REAL climate action in the infrastructure reconciliation bill!


Top Stories for July 1:

Top Trump Organization executive surrenders after grand jury indictment

CFO Allen Weisselberg surrendered to the Manhattan DA’s office early this morning, the first domino to fall in the disgraced ex-president’s decades-long, shambolic criminal operation.

Take Action: Demand billionaires pay their fair share. Tax the rich!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Joe Manchin finally answers long-awaited question

The West Virginia senator signaled his support for passing Biden’s ambitious “human infrastructure” goals through budget reconciliation, backing Republicans with little interest in governing into a very tight corner.

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It’s official: Charles Booker is running for Senate in Kentucky

Rand Paul is NOT happy about this.

Select committee established to investigate MAGA insurrection with just TWO House Republican members’ support
Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. That’s it. That’s the full list of GOP House members interested in investigating the violent attack on the US Capitol that resulted in five deaths, more than 140 injuries, and millions of dollars in damage to America’s most hallowed halls.

AOC claims that some Republican lawmakers were “in on” the Capitol riot and shouldn’t sit on the investigative committee
She’s right.

Take Action: Tell DOJ: No white supremacists in federal law enforcement!

Progressive Charles Booker is running for Senate against Rand Paul in Kentucky
A close primary loss last year made Booker a rising star. Now he’s betting big that a pandemic and racial justice protests have left Kentuckians aching for change.

Take Action: Support Charles Booker in his race to take down Rand Paul!

Historians rank Trump near the bottom of US presidents as Obama rises into the top 10

Trump landed in the bottom five, behind William Henry Harrison, who died of pneumonia just 32 days into his presidency, getting the lowest grades for leadership of any commander in chief who has served in the White House in the past 150 years.

Twelve holdout red states haven’t expanded Medicaid, leaving two million people in limbo
Steadfast Republican resistance to Medicaid expansion has resulted in more than two million Americans stuck in what’s known as the “coverage gap” — they don’t qualify for Medicaid in their state, and make too little money to be eligible for subsidized health plans on the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges. Family values, folks!

Firing of ex-cop who obtained bogus Breonna Taylor warrant upheld
It isn’t justice, but a sliver of accountability is a small step in the right direction.

Bill Cosby freed from prison over procedural violation by prosecutor, stunning victims and exposing major flaws in justice system
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s stunning ruling Wednesday that vacated Bill Cosby’s 2018 indecent assault conviction drew swift outcry from sexual assault survivors and their advocates.

Take Action: Add your name to call on Congress to end America’s massive backlog of untested rape kits!

Donald Rumsfeld leaves behind legacy of arrogance and violence
In a just world, Rumsfeld, who died Tuesday at age 88, would have been tried for war crimes, or at least became persona non grata.


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TODAY’S ACTION: Tell your Members of Congress that police do not belong in schools!

Police do not belong in our schools.

We have seen by now just how the police are able to wield their power against vulnerable populations, and that’s no different with our young people. In fact, research suggests that police in schools cultivate gun violence conditions rather than prevent it.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) have re-introduced the Counseling not Criminalization Act, which would ensure investments in education are being prioritized over incarceration. Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and POC students across America are leading the call for the removal of police from schools — and they deserve every single one of us rallying behind them in support.

Call or email your Members of Congress and tell them to support the Counseling not Criminalization in Schools Act. 

Across the country, students are being cheated out of resources such as counseling and educational investments. They are being subjected to police intimidation in place of learning, a constant threat of violence or punishment. Police in schools disproportionately impact students with historically marginalized identities and work to feed the school-to-prison pipeline.

It’s well past time to divest federal funding for policing in schools and invest that money in the success of our students instead. Our leaders need to direct funding to initiatives and resources that will protect our communities rather than to things that are directly harming them.

Call or email your Members of Congress and tell them that the Counseling not Criminalization in Schools Act!

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