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Top Stories for September 22:

Trump ludicrously claims that he can declassify documents by simply “thinking” it

The serial con man’s patently absurd claim makes it clear that he’s growing increasingly desperate as the DOJ’s explosive criminal investigation into stolen classified documents expands.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump gets crushing legal news

New York Attorney General Letitia James has Donald and his criminal children squarely in her crosshairs, and there’s nowhere for them to run.

Ron DeSantis’ migrant stunt BACKFIRES spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Not what he expected…

DOJ resumes criminal probe of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago after appeals court lifts hold
The disgraced ex-president’s reprieve didn’t last long, as a federal appeals court panel — comprised of two Trump appointees and one Obama appointee — thoroughly rejected Trump’s position on the classified documents and an earlier ruling temporarily barring the DOJ from reviewing and using the seized materials for investigative purposes.

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Trump-backed congressional candidate argued against women’s right to vote, praised organization’s attempt to repeal 19th Amendment
John Gibbs, the far-right GOP candidate running for the US House in Michigan’s 3rd District, started a “think tank” in the early 2000s and argued women should neither vote nor work outside the home. Trump’s hand-picked candidate complained that women’s suffrage contributed to larger government and increased spending, calling the situation “unequivocally bad.”

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Ginni Thomas agrees to interview with House 1/6 panel

The committee is eager to learn more about Thomas’ seditious role in trying to help Trump steal the 2020 election and upend American democracy. Thomas, the far-right activist wife of far-right activist Justice Clarence Thomas, urged the disgraced ex-president’s chief of staff and state lawmakers in Arizona and Wisconsin to overturn and nullify the results of the 2020 general election in the weeks following Biden’s resounding victory.

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House passes a bill that will make it harder to overthrow an election
The new set of electoral reforms are aimed at shoring up ambiguities and archaic language in the presidential certification process, some of which the traitorous ex-president and his minions tried to exploit in their efforts to steal the 2020 election.

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Russian anti-war movement “Vesna” calls for nationwide protests against mobilization
Putin’s brutal and illegal war is growing deeply unpopular back home, and the Russian people are rising up to take a stand.

Ron DeSantis chartered planes from GOP-allied donor to fly migrants to Martha’s Vineyard
The more we learn about the MAGA governor’s incredibly cruel political stunt, the worse the picture becomes.

Ohio GOP candidate for Congress caught lying about his military service
Republican JR Majewski regularly hypes himself as an Air Force combat veteran who valiantly deployed to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Trump acolyte has gone so far as describing supposedly brutal conditions he endured during deployment, including a lack of running water that forced him to go more than 40 days without a shower. Yeah, it turns out that he completely made it up.

Fed hikes benchmark rate 0.75% in significant escalation of inflation fight
The Federal Reserve instituted yet another dramatic interest rate hike on Wednesday, the latest in a series of borrowing cost increases, as the central bank tries to dial back near-historic inflation while avoiding an economic downturn.


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Today’s Action: Take action to help Hurricane Fiona victims in Puerto Rico!

Over 80% of Puerto Rico still lacks power, days after Hurricane Fiona made landfall and pummeled the island with more than 30 inches of rain. The full scope of the damage is massive and still coming into focus — widespread mudslides and flooding have washed away bridges, ripped pavement from roads, and left millions of Puerto Ricans without clean drinking water. Fiona arrived on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Maria, a catastrophic flooding event many parts of the island still haven’t recovered from. Puerto Rico’s infrastructure, already lacking from decades of neglect from the US government, was compromised even further by Fiona’s devastating landfall.

Puerto Rico needs aid now. We cannot allow Puerto Ricans to wait another five years for crucial infrastructure to be rebuilt in their communities following yet another natural disaster — especially not when America claims their land as US territory. It is our moral duty and obligation to contribute to their recovery.

Trusted local organizations in Puerto Rico need donations now more than ever. If you have the means, check out this Twitter thread of mutual aid and community-led groups doing the hard work and make your donation today. Every second matters, and every dollar counts!


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