Trump cuts off vital gear to Michigan over grudge


Tell TV networks: Stop livecasting Trump's press conferences. His lies are getting people killed!


$2 trillion emergency aid/stimulus package signed into law. Here’s what’s in it.

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Medical vendors told “not to send stuff” to Michigan as Trump feuds with its governor

Governor Whitmer sounded the alarm as Trump threatened to send aid only to those who “treat him well.”

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AOC RIPS Republican response to outbreak on floor of Congress

With Americans dying and the GOP looking for excuses to enrich their wealthy donors, the progressive icon isn’t in the mood.

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“Don’t be a cutie pie!” Trump gives bizarre, condescending answer to question about ventilators
The president bristled at having to answer a serious question and couldn’t hide his irritation.

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In reversal, Trump FINALLY caves to pressure and uses Defense Production Act to force GM to make ventilators
After weeks of dragging his feet while people died, the compassionless president has finally been forced to use his power for good.

Two more Members of Congress test positive for COVID-19
Reps. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Joe Cunningham (D-SC) both announced on Friday that they’d tested positive for coronavirus, bring the number of Congress members to contract the virus to five.

Trump officially declares he will ignore Congress’s oversight in coronavirus relief oversight
The $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill establishes a “special inspector general” to review and investigate loan decisions made by the treasury secretary.

Election year is here!

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Trump says he told Pence not to call governors who aren’t ‘appreciative’ of White House coronavirus efforts
The president will let Americans die to protect his thin skin.

Trump admits his virus spat with GM is because of old grievances with the company
It turns out the president was more interested in getting revenge than making sure America has enough ventilators.

Trump denies Purell’s request for tariff relief on Hand Sanitizer
In the choice of saving lives or maintaining his stupid trade war, the president chose cruelty.

As Republicans downplay science and medical advice, red state coronavirus cases are accelerating
Detected cases are higher in blue states, but growing faster in red states — even as testing falls short in the latter.

Don Jr. posts anti-Chinese video as racist attacks on Asian-Americans spike to 650 in one week
As racist attacks against Asian-Americans reach terrifying levels, the First Son threw fuel on the fire.

Google boots InfoWars app off Play Store over bogus coronavirus claims
Right wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s bogus COVID-19 video that disputed lifesaving medical advice was the last straw for the tech giant.

I operate on the data and on the numbers’: Cuomo responds to Trump ventilator claims
The NY governor spoke out about the coronavirus response in an interview with “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt.

Walmart was almost charged criminally over opioids. Trump appointees killed the indictment
Even as company pharmacists protested, Walmart kept filling suspicious prescriptions, stoking the country’s opioid epidemic. A Republican U.S. Attorney in Texas thought the evidence was damning. Trump’s political appointees? Not so much.

Fox News Poll: Biden leads Trump, wins high marks for female VP pledge
In counties that with single-digit margins in 2016, the former VP has a massive 25-point edge over the Republican president.

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