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Top Stories for April 12:

Trump claims ex-NSC director would be “nothing without her accent” after she compares him to Putin

Sounds like Fiona Hill hit the disgraced ex-president where it hurts.

Take Action: Demand Congress ban insurrectionist Trump from running for office in 2024!

Atmospheric river of moisture will trigger blizzards and tornadoes this week
More extremely normal weather is in store for millions of Americans as climate change wreaks havoc with intensifying weather systems.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to declare climate change a national emergency!

Republicans’ “groomer” attacks BACKFIRE spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: WOW.

Ukraine’s far-right nationalist group Azov Battalion allege chemical weapons were used by Russia in Mariupol
If true, it would mark a terrifying escalation that would put the White House in a very difficult position.

Take Action: Demand the world put Vladimir Putin on trial for war crimes!

Former Virginia police officer who stormed US Capitol found guilty on all charges
Another insurrectionist is behind bars.

Take Action: Ban militant white supremacists from serving in our police departments and armed forces!

Michigan police expected to release dashcam video of fatal police shooting of Patrick Lyoya

Lyoya was reportedly shot “execution style” in his head while facedown on the ground, an interpreter for his family said.

Confident House Republicans set their sights on Biden country
A cash-flush GOP super PAC is now pouring dark money into districts the president won by as much as 16 points.

Watch Retired Army Major EMBARRASS Republican Stupidity in This Blistering Roast!

OD Action partner: The Republican party is cornering the market on STUPID! These deranged fools aren’t qualified to lick envelopes, let alone run the government!

California’s PG&E company to pay $55 million settlement for failing to maintain equipment and starting massive wildfires that burned 1300 homes
The company was originally hit with a $125 million fine and five felonies, but will now pay less than half that amount and face no charges.

Brett Favre caught in major Mississippi welfare fraud scandal
The NFL legend was busted using his political and business connections to collect taxpayer funds for his preferred organizations, including a million dollars for himself.

Fox’s Jesse Watters says “the logical conclusion” to climate activism is “human sacrifice”
No train of thought is too deranged for a Fox News host.

UPenn professor makes white supremacist statements in interview with Tucker Carlson
“There is just a tremendous amount of resentment and shame of non-western peoples against western peoples for western peoples’ outsized achievements and contributions,” Wax told Tucker Carlson. By western, she means white.


For the union makes us strong!

And in France


Today’s Action: Tell Congress to expand and balance the Supreme Court!

Last week the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to restrict the role of states in enforcing the Clean Water Act. Without even giving a reason, the conservative majority brought back Trump-era legislation that rips away states’ abilities to protect their water sources. The pro-pollution ruling sets a dangerous precedent for the future, illustrating just how wildly unrepresentative of the American people the skewed court has become. While confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson is a step in the right direction, expanding the court as soon as possible is critical to protect and advance a progressive agenda, for years to come.

It doesn’t just stop with our climate — conservatives across the country, emboldened by a radically imbalanced court, are also systematically disenfranchising millions of voters and denying women access to critical care. Expanding the court means protecting the voices of marginalized communities across the country.

The number of Supreme Court justice seats is not constitutionally mandated and has fluctuated over the history of our country. Changing the number again now has precedent AND would allow for more accurate representation.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and demand they support the expansion of the Supreme Court.

Not so fun facts: five of the six conservative justices currently on the Supreme Court were a) appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote when they first took office and b) confirmed by some of the slimmest Senate margins in US history. And that’s arguably not even the worst part.

In 2016, Republicans stonewalled then-President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee for 293 days, refusing to hold hearings, and ultimately gifting the open seat to Trump in early 2017. Four years later, in the waning days of the 2020 election, Republicans jammed through a deeply unpopular Supreme Court justice in a historically short period of time. They succeeded by ignoring their own voters’ opinions, their own precedent, and their own committee rules — to the detriment of all other legislative needs, including pandemic relief. A court that should be a 5-4 left-leaning majority is now a 6-3 extreme, right-wing majority.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and demand they restore balance and representation to the Supreme Court by expanding its numbers.


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