Trump disrespects Barbara Bush during her funeral

Fire Sean Hannity for hiding his secret relationship with Trump’s lawyer.


Today’s Action: Help flip a House seat in Arizona

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Barbara Bush funeral

Trump does the most insensitive thing possible during Barbara Bush’s funeral
As the former First Lady was laid to rest, his shameful actions left Americans shaking their heads in disgust.

Take Action: Help flip Arizona’s 8th District blue in Tuesday’s Special Elections by supporting’s crucial Get-Out-The-Vote effort.

Melania and Obama get caught in a photo that will infuriate Trump
The candid shot is quickly going viral for the best reason.

Obama Solar Energy Speech
People In All 50 States Are Defying Trump’s Efforts To Undo Obama’s Climate Saving Legacy With This Online Service

OD Action Partner: Arcadia Power is offering a way for all Americans to join the green power movement — free. No installation, no contract, $20 off your next electric bill.

Harvard student

A Texas Republican attacks black Harvard-bound teen. His response is A+
The racist conservative never expected his response — or for it to go viral.

Take Action: Demand Trump fire the white supremacists in the White House!

NY Times’ Maggie Haberman reveals the real reason Trump isn’t at Barbara Bush’s funeral
He attacked her on Twitter, and now she responded by airing his dirty laundry out to dry.

Trump plugs Mar-a-Lago in tweet about Barbara Bush‘s funeral
The president just rebranded his Palm Beach resort to enhance his cash flow.

Take Action: Voting with your wallet works! Find a full list of Trump-supporting companies to boycott at!

Trump attacks media over his childish nicknames. Maggie Haberman’s response is spot on
The NY Times reporter saw his desperate tweet and immediately set the record straight.

Today’s Action: Help flip a House seat in Arizona

This Tuesday, we face our next chance to flip another seat in the House blue! Arizona’s 8th Congressional district is holding a special election on April 24th, and we’ve got Republicans scared.

Democrat Hiral Tipirneni is running in a district that Trump won by 21 percentage points in 2016 — but polls show the race to be a dead heat. If those numbers sound familiar, it’s because they’re similar to Democrat Conor Lamb, who just won a House seat in a Pennsylvania special election in a district that Trump won by 20 points.

Flipping the House isn’t just possible — it’s happening. But it won’t happen on it’s own.

Last month, helped Lamb flip his district by sending 90,000 get-out-the-vote texts in the final weekend. Now, they’re replicating their effort so Tipirneni can do the same on Tuesday.

Can you chip in to help flip this crucial swing district and build the wave today?

You can also volunteer to phone bank no matter where you- and encourage your Phoenix-area family and friends to volunteer in person and VOTE on April 24th!

Tipirneni is an ER doctor and cancer research advocate, with a strong message for supporting Medicare and Social Security. Lesko is a vocal supporter of Trump and the Trump Tax scam, wants to aid Trump’s deportation force, and has supports denying Dreamers citizenship. Tipirneni is the clear progressive choice for the Democratic vote we need in the House.

Right now, we only need to flip 24 seats to win back the House for the first time since 2010. Let’s make it 23.

Give BuildTheWave the support they need to flip another district and volunteer to phone bank from the comfort of your own home today!

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