Trump doctor gives absurd excuse for disinfectant claim

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White House task force doctor gives absurd excuse for Trump’s disinfectant comments: He was having a “dialogue”

Eyes undoubtedly rolled around the nation as the president’s lackey did mental gymnastics to excuse the president’s dangerous comments.

Take Action: Be sure you’re doing the five key things to stop the spread of coronavirus.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump gives completely bonkers defense for promoting “injecting disinfectant” as a treatment

If you believe this, he’s got a ice cold glass of Lysol to sell you.

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San Francisco mayor says PPE orders have been confiscated by Trump admin and diverted to other cities and countries
The president is stealing lifesaving aid from those in need because of petty political grudges.

Take Action: Tell Trump to stop self-congratulating and scapegoating and get hospitals the tools they need to save lives!

Revealed: Leader of fringe group peddling bleach as coronavirus ‘cure’ pitched Trump days before insane ‘injection’ press briefing
Snake oil salesman wrote to Trump saying chlorine dioxide ‘can rid the body” of the coronavirus days before the president promoted disinfectant as treatment.

Lysol maker warns against ingesting or injecting disinfectants after Trump comments
A spokesperson for the cleaning product company said it had a responsibility to give accurate information to the public following the president’s disastrous press briefing.

Navy leaders recommend reinstating captain fired after raising coronavirus concerns
The Trump admin relieved Capt. Brett Crozier of his command and publicly lambasted him for writing letter urging action to protect his sickened crew.

Take Action: Reinstate the captain the Trump administration fired for trying to save his crew from the pandemic! He’s a hero!

Election year is here!

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Trump speech to force 1,000 West Point cadets back to campus during pandemic
The president’s surprise announcement will force cadets currently helping counter the coronavirus throughout the country to return to campus.

Georgia records 635 new cases, 20 more deaths as GOP gov reopens state
GOP gov recklessly forged ahead with plans to reopen an array of businesses and organizations, including gyms, bowling alleys, salons and churches, despite a continuing spike in new cases.

Stephen Miller has long-term vision for Trump’s ‘temporary’ immigration order, according to private call with supporters
Trump’s xenophobic, white nationalist-sympathizing senior adviser is plotting draconian, long-term changes to American immigration policy.

“Marie Antoinette of the Senate!” Top Republicans unload on Mitch for state bankruptcy remarks
The Senate Majority leader’s heartless remarks have sparked swift, bipartisan backlash.

FDA issues stern warning against wide use of drugs Trump hailed as “game changers”
The president’s recklessness has his own administration scrambling to stop people from following his deadly advice.

Trump team moves to scrap protections for LGBTQ patients
To no one’s surprise, the president is using the global crisis to ramp up his bigoted agenda.

Republicans are mad unemployment benefits are actually benefiting the unemployed
GOP leaders lament workers staying home, but staying home is the whole point.



Yes, seriously.


PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Trump stop promoting false cures, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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