Trump does shamelessly nepotistic favor for Don Jr.

Demand Attorney General Barr resign after betraying the public trust to protect Trump


Today’s Action: Write letters to register voters for the 2020 election!

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Trump outdoes himself with shamelessly nepotistic favor for Don Jr.

The president went full banana republic with his latest show of ethically questionable behavior.

Take Action: Demand the security clearance for Trump’s family members be revoked.

Mueller’s letter complaining of Barr’s spin on investiagtion leaks to the press
For weeks, the Special Counsel’s complaints had been kept under wraps. Not anymore.

Take Action: Add your name to call for the release of the full, unedited Mueller report!

Wind turbines do not cause cancer. But pollution from the fossil fuel industry does.

OD Action Pick: Do your part to save the planet and support clean, renewable wind power at home — even apartments — at no cost. Plus, receive 4 free LED light bulbs as a thank you.

House Intel chair makes criminal referral of Betsy DeVos’ brother for alleged perjury

One of Trump’s shadiest operators has found himself in serious legal hot water.

Gunman kills two in North Carolina school shooting
Why UNC Charlotte? Why my classroom?’: All-too-familiar shooting scene plays out on last day of classes.

Take Action: Contact your Member of Congress to demand they enact universal background checks and ban automatic weapon purchases!

The Governor of New York torches Trump and the NRA in fiery response to Trump’s whiny tweets

Governor Cuomo brought a hammer down on Trump and his gun lobby backers.

Reagan’s daughter hammers Trump-loving Republicans in brutal open letter
The daughter of the GOP’s patron saint brought the wrath of God down on the president’s enablers.

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Today’s Action: Write letters to register voters for the 2020 election!

The no-brainer key to defeating Trump in 2020 will be turning out more voters for our future Democratic candidate.

Some states like Washington and California will almost certainly go Democratic, while others are solidly red (for now…). However, eleven states are Super States, purple areas of the country where the voters exist to defeat Trump *if* we get them registered and committed to voting.

Writing letters to unregistered voters is one of the most effective AND convenient methods to building Democratic voting blocs…and the good folks of Vote Forward make it easy.

Sign up to write letters to future Democratic voters in key Super States, encouraging them to register to vote and sending the info they need to make it happen! You just need a few stamps and envelopes, and a printer…comfort snacks/beverages and writing buddies optional.

The eleven Super States are: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Many of these states may be familiar to you already as historic ideological battlegrounds…while others like Texas and Georgia are signals of changing progressive times!

And, many of them are infamous for historic GOP voter suppression tactics, from voter roll purging to restrictive registration laws to literally ‘losing’ ballots in Democratic districts. These suppressed voters deserve our extra care and attention, to make up for the oppressive ways in which their own politicians have treated them.

With our help and letters, freshly registered voters will not only help defeat Trump, but also overturn the Republican politicians in their state who have silenced them for so long.

Write letters to unregistered voters in Super States most likely to vote Democratic, providing the information they need to register in their state. Help defeat Trump AND state-level GOP oppressors in one step…all from the comfort of your own home!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling for Attorney General Barr to resign, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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