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Top Stories for April 11:

“Dumb son of a bitch”: Trump rips McConnell at Mar-a-Lago

The disgraced ex-president is determined to wreck the party that helped him wreck America.

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Suspicious blackout strikes Iran’s Natanz nuclear site
The nuclear facility lost power Sunday just hours after starting up new advanced centrifuges capable of faster uranium enrichment.

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Biden crushes Republicans with HUGE announcement

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This is awesome.

New details emerge of panic from leaders during Trump’s Capitol coup attempt
With Pence and Congressional leaders fearing for their lives, the then-commander-in-chief did nothing but egg on the insurgents.

Maryland becomes first state to repeal police Bill of Rights, overriding Republican governor’s veto
The state’s now-repealed police Bill of Rights covers due process for officers accused of misconduct.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court rules voters who may have moved don’t need to be purged from rolls
Republicans’ voter suppression scheme hit a wall in one crucial purple state.

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Watchdog seeks ethics probe into GOP senator who flashed congressional pin during police stop
Marsha Blackburn abused her power, and Campaign for Accountability is calling for consequences.

Kentucky limits no-knock warrants after Breonna Taylor death

The law signed by Gov. Andy Beshear is not the total ban many demonstrators and some Democratic lawmakers had sought.

Slavery reparations study set for House Judiciary markup
“Today, we still live with racial disparities in access to education, health care, housing, insurance, employment and other social goods that are directly attributable to the damaging legacy of slavery and government-sponsored racial discrimination,” Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler said.

Billboard goes up in Florida declaring “Matt Gaetz wants to ‘date’ your child”
For those new to this story, evidence indicates that Donald Trump’s most ardent defender in the House engaged in sex trafficking, paying teenagers for sex, and being a terrible person. All but one Republican in Congress has been silent on the issue.

Matt Gaetz provokes mockery after declaring himself a “cancelled” martyr
The embattled Trumper’s Saturday show of bravado did not land the way he wanted it to.


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