Trump erupts at staff as polls show loss to Biden

Tell the Senate: Stop Trump’s dictatorial scheme to force through appointments without Congressional approval!


Breaking: 3.8 million more Americans file for unemployment in the past week, bringing six-week total to 30 million

Today’s Top Stories:

Trump erupts at campaign manager as polls show him losing to Biden

Unable to except his own failure, the president lashed out at anyone he could possibly scapegoat.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump denies ever saying we’ll test 5 million/day despite literally saying it the day before

The lie about the lie comes hours after his own team said the president’s claim was impossible.

Take Action: Demand Trump establish a nationwide testing system so we can find out the truth of the pandemic!

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Trump’s AG Barr caught plotting with right-wing shadow groups to force states to re-open
The president and wealthy allies appear to be set on re-opening the economy before it’s safe – whether the country wants it or not.

Take Action: Demand Trump and the GOP tell their idiot supporters to stop endangering us all with their stupid, self-destructive protests!

Trump abandons social distancing, planning trips to Arizona and maybe Ohio
We look forward to that, the president said as Americans continue to die by the thousands.

Guidelines call for 14-day drop in cases to reopen. No state has met them
Diagnostic tests and contact tracing remain key to controlling the pandemic, experts say.

Florida orders coroners to stop releasing coronavirus death data in bid to cover up death toll
They’ve now been withholding it for nine days, without providing any of the information or specifying what they plan to remove.

Election year is here!

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Trump encouraged Sean Hannity to go after New York Times with humiliating legal action
The Republican propagandist threatened to sue the paper for reporting the truth and exercising First Amendment rights.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says Gilead’s remdesivir will set a new ‘standard of care’ for coronavirus treatment
Fauci said the median time of recovery for patients taking the drug was 11 days, compared with 15 days in the placebo group.

About 60%’ of West Point cadets returning for Trump’s commencement speech could have the coronavirus, instructor tells cadets in private call
The president is risking the lives of America’s military officers for his latest ego trip.

Trump smears Capitan Crozier as attention-seeking “Hemingway” who had a “bad day”
The president couldn’t help taking cheap shots at the hero who defied his administration.

McConnell plans to reconvene Senate but will focus on judges and ignore outbreak
The move by the Senate majority leader raises objections from Democrats.


Bald faced disrespect…

More GOP corruption exposed…


Today’s Action: Get Out The Vote — starting now!

The progressive candidates we want to see elected this year already have the challenges – grassroots progressive candidates are generally less-funded than their right-wing and moderate opponents, and depend more heavily on volunteer efforts and small-donors.

But with coronavirus shutting down in-person volunteering and devastating our economy, progressive candidates need an EXTRA boost from us over the next six months, in whatever capacity you can safely and financially afford.

Phone bank for Candidates

Real conversations are the best way to connect with voters, and phone banking is safer than canvassing right now. SwingLeft offers virtual phone banking opportunities for vital races around the country, such as ousting Republican Sen. Susan Collins in Maine, available tomorrow! Enter your zip code to see what’s available (again, it’s virtual) and sign up for shifts.

Or, if you have a specific candidate you support, check their website to see if they offer phone banking opportunities. Need help getting started? Explore candidates from Indivisible’s list of endorsements for Congressional and Gubernatorial races, or Sister District endorsements, which focuses on state legislatures. (Sister District also offers volunteer opportunities!)

Write letters to Get Out The Vote in Super States this November

SwingLeft has identified twelve Super States in this November’s election. All will be close races for the White House, but also include pivotal seats in flipping the Senate for Democrats and/or overturning GOP gerrymandering in state races. And you can help – by writing letters to Democratic-leaning voters in these states who may not turn out to vote without your encouragement. Write the letters now, then mark your calendar to mail on October 27. The writing process is easy! Just keep in mind your budget, including the cost of envelopes, printing, and stamps (~65 cents per letter).

Donate to Candidates

If you’re comfortably employed, now is the time to donate to support progressive candidates. With unemployment at 20%, grassroots candidates can expect to see a drop in the small-dollar donors who have been most impacted by coronavirus…meaning they’ll need help making up the loss from those who can afford it. Check out the endorsement lists under the phonebank suggestions if you aren’t sure where to start!

However you participate in unseating Republicans and restoring our democracy, the important thing is committing and following through. Choose an option today, set your intention, and mark your calendar.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on the Senate to stop Trump’s scheme to force through appointments without Congressional approval, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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