Trump fans in KKK hoods crash Black Lives Matter march

Demand Florida police stop shielding the cop who killed trans Black man, Tony McDade. Reveal his identity NOW!


Today’s Top Stories:

Men in KKK hoods, waving Trump flags crash a Black Lives Matter march in Nevada

The disturbing images and videos immediately caused a stir on social media.

Take Action: Demand the firing of the police officer caught on camera assaulting an unarmed woman at a peaceful protest!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bill Barr throws Trump under the bus in Fox News interview

The AG notably did not back up the president’s absurd ‘routine bunker inspection’ explanation.

Take Action: Demand Barr be removed as AG for letting Trump’s cronies get away with felonies!

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Bombshell news signals Trump may lose TEXAS
In an exclusive interview with Beto O’Rourke, Brian Tyler Cohen gets to why Texas may turn blue this November.

In leaked audio, White House task force warns governors of second wave even as Trump touts reopening
While experts are sounding the alarm, the president continues to insist there is nothing to see here.

Take Action: Be sure you’re doing the five key things to stop the spread.

No sign of antifa so far in Justice Department cases brought over unrest
Despite being repeatedly blamed by Trump for violence that has erupted during demonstrations over police brutality, federal court records show no sign of so-called antifa links in any cases brought by the Justice Department.

An ex-Kremlin-paid propagandist gave the TV report that fed Trump his elderly man “antifa provocateur” theory
The president’s absurd conspiracy theory about the 75-year-old man assaulted by Buffalo police came from a disturbing, familiar source.

Biden decries Georgia primary marred by “unacceptable” chaos — Stacey Abrams stymied from voting absentee
Republicans in the newly purple sourthern state are determined to cling to power by trampling rights.

Election year is here!

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WH press secretary brags that Trump won 8% of the Black vote
McEnany dodged a question about Mitt Romney’s support of Black Lives Matter and falsely claimed he won 2% of the Black vote.

Iowa GOP push to restrict mail-in-ballot voting after huge absentee voter turnout in the primary
Days after a statewide primary that saw record turnout due largely to absentee voting, Iowa Senate Republicans advanced legislation that would limit mail-in ballots in the general election.

Bonus: Everything we know about dogs and the pandemic (so far) and what loving owners need to do to keep them safe
According to the CDC and USDA, pets seem to be unlikely to get the disease or pass it on. But that’s not 100% certain…


This is America…

Action, meet reaction…


Today’s Action: Justice for Manuel Ellis

Manuel Ellis, a 33-year-old Black man, was killed by law enforcement in Tacoma, WA on March 3. He was heard by police dispatch saying the words, “I can’t breathe,” while under physical restraint. For months, officials dismissed his death as coming from “excited delirium” and a witness has disputed their version of events. But six days ago, medical examiners finally ruled Manuel’s death as homicide.

Manuel’s death holds ties to George Floyd’s, whose story sparked the nationwide protests against police brutality toward Black people. But though Manuel’s killers were placed on leave, they were returned to work quickly. They have since been placed on leave again as the story has gained national attention, but have not been arrested or charged. And now, in the face of conflicting information and conflicts of interests, Manuel’s family is calling for an independent investigation.

Support Manuel Ellis’ family in calling for an independent investigation of his murder, separate from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, by contacting Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. Consider supporting the GoFundMe to cover his family’s legal fees.

The Black lives lost to police brutality are each unique. But the patterns and policies that allow law enforcement violence against Black people to go on unchecked, the repeated lies and cover-ups that protect cops are nearly identical state to state, city to city. Until the oppressive systems that reject accountability and perpetuate murder have been eradicated, we must fight for justice on each individual case, every single time.

Take action today for Manuel, and for all Black Americans.

Call for an independent investigation into Manuel Ellis’ murder at the hands of law enforcement, separate from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, by contacting Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. If you can, chip in to help the Ellis family cover legal fees.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Florida to stop shielding the cop who killed Tony McDade, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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