Trump fans throw racist fits over foreign film’s Oscar win

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Tell Texas’s Governor: Abandon your racist plan to close your doors to refugees!


Today’s Top Stories:

Conservatives throw embarrassing tantrums over Korean film winning “Best Picture” at Oscars

Republican commentators and Trump fans couldn’t contain their racism at Parasite’s historic Academy Award wins.

Take Action: Trump’s CBP arrested doctors trying to treat caged children. Demand an end to these cruel policies NOW!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Barr admits Trump still seeking dirt from Giuliani even after impeachment

The president’s corruption continues with assistance from hi Attorney General.

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Check out this week’s episode: Acquitters never win

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Everything you need to know about the New Hampshire primary
The first real primary in the race to take down Trump is TODAY!

Take Action: If you live in New Hampshire, you can vote even if you’ve never registered. Find your polling place here.

GOP chairman says he won’t hold hearing on Trump’s budget: ‘It turns into a diatribe’
Trump’s cruel budget is too divisive even for his own party.

Take Action: Reject Trump’s draconian buget that steals from education and Medicare to the rich and build his stupid wall!xx

Prosecutors recommend Roger Stone serve 7–9 years in prison
Trump’s henchman is looking at serious time behind bars after doing the GOP’s dirty work for decades.

George Conway condemns Trump defense made by his wife hours earlier as “gaslighting”
Trump sent Kellyanne Conway out to defend his purge of impeachment witnesses — and not even her husband was willing to let it fly.

Election year is here!

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Trump snubs the parent of murdered Parkland kid for criticizing him
There was a glaring absence at the President’s latest event with Parkland families — and it’s not hard to figure out why…

Federal district judge deals blow to Gov. Kemp on voter roll purge
A 2018 federal lawsuit against Kemp, then in his role as secretary of state, challanged his removal of 700,000 voters from the state’s voter rolls.

More than 100 U.S. troops diagnosed with brain injuries from Iran attack
After Trump dismissed the injuries as a few headaches, the truth has come out and it is much more grim.

Trump admin hit with complaint for giving federal funds to “Hookers for Jesus”
The Trump team has been accused of shutting out two anti-trafficking nonprofits for political reasons — and funneling the money to religious groups instead.

Trump glibly dismisses coronavirus, claims it’s just going to go away “with the heat”
The president downplayed the unfolding crisis and gave a dangerously unserious prognosis on its spread.

Trump retweets video showing Jerry Nadler getting heckled, calling him “butthurt”
The president launched a disgraceful social media assault on his impeachment investigators on Monday morning.


Today’s Action: Push your local newspaper and city government to drop fossil fuels!

In the face of Trump’s climate-denial federal policy, we will need to stay creative and local in keeping our country on track with global climate goals.

Swedish newspaper Dagens ETC and UK-based The Guardian have both made the choice to go green – by turning down all advertisements from fossil fuel-based goods and services.

And here in the United States, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced an order to transition the city’s entire fleet of vehicles (more than 30,000) to carbon-neutral by 2040. He went even further: pledging to block any new fossil fuel infrastructure, proposing to ban natural gas in large buildings by 2040, and initiating installation of more solar panels and wind turbines.

Bold moves that we applaud, and need to see more of.

Contact your:

  1. Local newspaper and television stations and urge them to drop advertising from all fossil fuel-based goods and services, thereby removing their conflict of interest in covering climate change stories.
  2. City mayor’s office and ask them to set a plan to rid your city of fossil fuels. From promoting solar power to banning plastic bottles, there are so many things city government can do to combat climate change!

The recent flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia, has killed at least 66 and displaced at least 36,000. Worse, Jakarta, home to 10 million, is one of the first major cities scientists believe will need to be abandoned due to rising ocean levels – it will be almost completely submerged by 2050.

And in nearby Australia, catastrophic bushfires have killed an estimated 1 billion animals (and this excludes fish, frogs, bats, and insects, so the actual number is significantly higher). These fires, like those recently seen in California, are also attributed to climate change.

Addressing climate change in an impactful way will not come through one single policy, politician, or lifestyle adjustment – it’s going to take an across-the-board effort from every individual and every industry. Our local journalists and local government hold significant sway over our everyday lives – and it’s time to acknowledge and use that influence for progressive climate policy.

Urge your local TV station and newspaper to divest from all advertising from fossil fuel-based goods and services. And, call your city’s mayor to urge them to rid or reduce your community of fossil fuels!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Texas’s Governor to abandon his racist plan to refuse all refugees, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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