Trump fired intel chief for showing Putin is helping him

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Today’s Top Stories:

Trump fired acting director of national intelligence Joseph Maguire for briefing House Intel on Putin’s efforts to interfere on his behalf in the election

The tyrant in the White House was furious that his own appointee let the truth come out.

Take Action: Republicans say Trump’s actions were “inappropriate” but not impeachable. Prove it: Censure Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Elizabeth Warren goes viral excoriating Bloomberg on debate stage

More than a day after the Nevada debate, the progressive senator’s confrontation with the former Republican continued to make waves.

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Top lines from Judge Amy Berman Jackson as she sentenced Trump crony Roger Stone to 40 months in prison
The American people cared. And I care.’

Take Action: Demand the DOJ Inspector General investigate AG Barr’s interference in Roger Stone’s criminal sentencing!

Trump goes ballistic at Fox News after guest describes his debates as “disastrous” and “cringeworthy”
The president unleashed his anger on Twitter after his daily television time took a turn for the worse.

Obama’s National Security Adviser publicly shames Trump’s Bolton to his face for not testifying in trial
Susan Rice publicly embarrassed Trump’s ex-National Security Advisor for refusing to do his duty in the impeachment trial.

Take Action: Tell the House to subpoena John Bolton and stop the GOP cover-up of Trump’s crimes!

White House admits that Trump trade stance did depress economy
“Uncertainty generated by trade negotiations dampened investment,” Trump chief economist Tomas Philipson said in stark contrast to Trump’s claims.

Election year is here!

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Trump chief of staff Mulvaney says U.S. is ‘desperate’ for more legal immigrants
Even as they vilify immigrants publicly, Trump’s team acknowledges that their policies are hurting the country.

Ninth Democratic debate draws record 19.7 million viewers
Americans are increasingly eager to get involved in the fight to take down Trump.

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Trump says Roger Stone has ‘very good chance of exoneration’ hours after sentencing
The president also attacked the jury forewoman in Stone’s criminal case, calling her “totally tainted” despite the facts.

The 11 criminals granted clemency by Trump had one thing in common: connections
For this president, it is never about justice.

All traitors must die’: Feds charge man for threatening whistleblower attorney
The man allegedly emailed the attorney in November, calling him a “traitor” who “must die a miserable death.”


Today’s Action: Take a stand against defense spending

Trump has announced plans to move $3.8 billion of funding designated for military weapons procurement to pay for his border wall, under the guise of combating counter-drug activities. The money will go toward 177 miles of additional border fencing.

Part of this blame must be credited to Republicans, who failed to implement limits on Trump’s ability to shift money as he pleases late last year.

But part of this situation also rests with the unavoidable truth that Republicans and Democrats alike continue, year after year, to bankroll the largest military budget in the world. Let’s set aside euphemisms of “keeping Americans safe” for a moment: U.S. military engagement in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan alone post-9/11 is responsible for the deaths of 480,000+ people, including 244,000+ civilians. These numbers do not include our conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Libya, or Somalia.

Call or email your Members of Congress. Tell them you want to see a reduced military spending in the 2021 budget, not increased – because whether our government spends it on fighter jets or border walls, it’s still our U.S. dollars going toward hurting citizens of the world.

Military spending accounts for almost half of all federal discretionary spending, nearly 1 trillion dollars. And, our budget frighteningly matches the size of the next seven largest countries’ budgets combined. Meanwhile, which priorities get neglected as a result? Education, science and technology, and environment, to name a few…

The Congressional Progressive Caucus has already pushed in the past for cuts to defense – but we need moderate Democrats (and a few Republicans) on board as well. Increases in military spending results in increases to that worldwide death toll at our hands…and yes, in this case, money for Trump’s border wall as well. And if Democrats are choosing to look the other way, we must turn their eyes back on the reality of our budget.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and urge them to join with the Congressional Progressive Caucus in calling for a decrease in military spending in the 2021 budget.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Republicans in Congress to stop repeating Putin’s dangerous propaganda to defend Trump, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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