Trump forced to delete “white power” tweet after outrage

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Top Stories for 44011:

Trump forced to delete tweet with video of supporter yelling ‘white power’ after widespread outrage

The president’s disgusting glorification of his most vile supporters quickly blew up in his face.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: #TraitorTrump

He knew Putin was offering cash to kill American troops, and he did nothing.

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: 38th & Chicago — the intersection that will change our country forever
Into the heart of Minneapolis following the murder of George Floyd. LISTEN.

Spies and commandos warned US officials in January of Russian bounties on troops
The recovery of large amounts of American cash at a Taliban outpost in Afghanistan helped tip off US officials, despite Trump’s denials.

Trump admits it: He’s losing
Biden is “gonna be your president because some people don’t love me, maybe.”

Rolling Stones threaten Trump over using their songs without permission
The rock legends showed no sympathy for the devil.

Trump’s FDA knowingly let Americans take flawed antibody tests
Federal officials knew many antibody testing kits had flaws, but allowed them to enter the US market anyway.

Election year is here!

Say goodbye to Trump forever with gear that tells him how you really feel.

Trump now says he was not briefed on Russian bounties because intelligence ‘not credible’
The finding was included in the President’s Daily Brief, which Trump regularly ignores.

Trump falsely claims Wisconsin lawmaker was encouraging destruction of Madison statues before being assaulted
The president lied and said a Wisconsin lawmaker was “rooting on” protesters — contrary to multiple eye-witness, video, and audio accounts of events outside the state Capitol.

New lawsuit demands explanation of Trump claims of classified information during Bolton book review
The case seeks to force feds to justify questionable claims that the ex-Trump adviser’s manuscript contained classified information.


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Today’s Action: Tell businesses to stop advertising on Facebook in July

Coca-Cola. Hershey. Verizon. Just a few of the 150+ companies and corporations that have pledged to withdraw advertising on Facebook for at least the month of July.

In short, your efforts are working — So keep it up!

Facebook, despite repeated calls from activists for many years, has remained staunchly unwilling to take real steps to reduce hate speech and misinformation on its platform or to proactively address its participation in furthering political dishonesty and inciting actual violence in our country and abroad.

Just recently, Twitter has begun to listen and respond – for example, by flagging several of Trump’s tweets inciting his followers into acts of violence against protesters or lying about the security of mail-in voting. But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has refused to act.

98% of Facebook’s revenue, $70 billion in 2019, comes from advertising. Since Facebook won’t listen to activists, the activists are going after Facebook’s advertisers…who increasingly are more sensitive about the optics of partnering with harbingers of hatred.

The multi-organizational campaign Stop Hate For Profit is calling on businesses to cancel advertising on Facebook for ONE MONTH this July. We can support their efforts with the full power of the consumer voice, but we only have two more days before July arrives, so we’ve got to act fast!


  1. When logged into Facebook, click on ad preferences. Scroll down to “Advertisers and Businesses” from there.
  2. Click on Recent Ad Activity to find the ads you have recently clicked on, if you’ve interacted with any at all.
  3. …simply scroll through your News Feed. You’ll probably start seeing ads within 10-30 seconds.


  1. Choose three businesses that you’ve had the most interaction with (purchases, memberships, donations, etc).
  2. Contact them through their website or on social media. Ask them to “Stop Hate For Profit” by ceasing advertising on Facebook for the month of July, and send them for more information.
  3. Use the hashtag #StopHateForProfit on social media and spread the word on this campaign.

“Like” if you think it’s time to hold Facebook accountable. And then take action.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Trump’s press secretary STOP LYING to the American people, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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