Trump forced to testify under oath in court TODAY

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Top Stories for October 18:

Trump faces a pile of civil lawsuits as depositions begin

The former president is defending himself in at least 10 civil suits alleging fraud and defamation to incitement of violence.

GOP senator rebukes Trump, will not support a 2024 run since Republicans lost the White House, House, and Senate during his presidency
“Trump is the first president in the Republican side at least to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years. Elections are about winning,” Sen. Bill Cassidy said.

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Virginia Republicans pull vile stunt to cheat ahead of election

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unbelievable.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says Trump’s continued focus on the 2020 election is “a recipe for disaster” in the midterms
Last week, the disgraced ex-president suggested that GOP voters will not come out to vote in 2022 and 2024 if the Republican Party doesn’t fully back his debunked allegations regarding the election.

Buttigieg warns Manchin of resistance to Biden’s climate plan: “It will cost lives”
The White House has suggested that key clean energy provisions are likely to be dropped from the Build Back Better plan to secure the support of recalcitrant Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz’s big fundraising PAC is nearly broke

Despite the two spending the summer barnstorming the country on a grand fundraising swing they dubbed the America First tour, (the moniker adopted after scrapping the widely panned “Anglo-Saxon” caucus), neither Greene nor Gaetz lived up to expectations on the fundraising end.

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Senate to vote this week on sweeping voting rights bill Republicans have promised to filibuster
The bill doesn’t have the 60 votes it needs to overcome a guaranteed Republican filibuster, meaning it will die unless Democrats nuke the filibuster.

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Former Republican defense secretary says Trump “absolutely” shares blame in Afghan withdrawal missteps
When it comes to who is to blame for the chaos surrounding the withdrawal, former Defense Sec. Robert Gates said there is plenty of blame to go around, including both the current and former presidents.

Christopher Steele defiant on dossier, says Trump still ‘potential’ threat
The British former spy says the Russians still may hold “kompromat” on Trump.

Grocery store heiress donated $150K to GOP attorneys general organization to promote “Stop the Steal” march that led to insurrection
In addition to a $300,000 donation to help organize the infamous event, Julie Jenkins Fancelli gave $150,000 to the Republican Attorneys General Association, which robocalled constituents throughout the country, urging them to march on the Capitol to force Congress to “stop the steal.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Steven Bannon debate “national divorce” between Democrat and Republican states
America tried that idea once before. It didn’t go so well for the secessionists.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Pass the Universal School Meals Program Act!

Last week was National School Lunch Week, the annual program where schools across the country celebrate and promote the importance of school lunch. Despite ongoing efforts by progressive lawmakers, a significant percentage of American students continue to struggle to stay on free and reduced lunch programming, and some are still without the means to eat at school at all.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, along with Rep. Ilhan Omar in the House, has once again introduced the Universal School Meals Program Act, which would permanently provide free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack to ALL students. Additionally, it would eliminate all school meal debt — yup, that’s right. Some students go into meal debt at school, where they can then be denied food for falling behind on payment.

Schools should be a safe place for our students, not a place that reinforces the poverty line.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and tell them our students need the Universal School Meals Program Act now!

Students without means should not be forced to go hungry or fall into debt for having a sandwich. Our government has the means to make guaranteed school meals a reality for children across the country.

There isn’t a child in the United States undeserving of food. With the fight against child poverty ramping up even more as we turn the corner on the pandemic, the Universal School Meals Program Act is more than needed — it’s long overdue.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your members of Congress and demand they ensure stable meals for children across the country through the Universal School Meals Program Act!

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