Trump gets booed out of RBG’s memorial service


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Demand the resignation of McConnell's protege as Kentucky AG after he denied justice for Breonna Taylor!


Top Stories for September 25:

Trump claims he couldn’t hear himself getting booed despite loud and clear evidence to contrary

The president was confronted about the incident, and his laughable reaction was met with ridicule.

Take Action: Tell the Senate: No new Supreme Court Justice until AFTER inauguration!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump gets booed out of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s memorial service

The president, who is brazenly moving to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court just 40 days before the election, was met with stinging jeers and boos during his brief appearance at RBG’s memorial service.

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen:”>
This is our last hope.

Police arrest KY State Rep. Attica Scott for “rioting” during Louisville protests
Scott is the sponsor of Breonna’s Law. Police say she tried to burn down a library that she has long supported.

Take Action: Demand justice for Breonna Taylor after Ky’s Republican AG filed no charges for her killing by police!

Judge stops Trump efforts to end the 2020 census count early
A federal court has ordered the Trump administration to abandon last-minute changes to the 2020 census schedule and extend the time for counting through October 31st.

GOP Sen. Thom Tillis embraced QAnon conspiracy about pandemic death count in town hall
Tillis claimed the actual death count will be lower “when the final accounting is done,” suggesting that the numbers have been inflated to promote social distancing.

McConnell dismisses Trump’s refusal to commit to peaceful transfer
While top Republicans downplayed Trump’s comments, Democrats pounced, with some describing the president’s words as chilling.

Take Action: Call for the UN to send in independent monitors to stop Trump from stealing this election!

Election year is here!

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Judge tosses suit over Trump affair story after Fox News argues no “reasonable viewer” takes Tucker Carlson seriously
The Trump-appointed judge has ruled that Fox is fake news at Fox News’ request.

Facebook hit with lawsuit over Kenosha protest deaths
The lawsuit alleges the social media platform failed to remove pages that incited violence, including the deadly actions of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Mary Trump sues her uncle—the president—for fraud
The president’s niece, whose tell-all book has roiled the Trump family, is suing the commander-in-chief and his siblings, accusing them of committing fraud in an attempt to deprive her of millions of dollars associated with the family’s real estate empire.

Lindsey Graham collapses into whiny tirade about how “everyone hates him”
The embattled South Carolina senator and Trump sycophant is very upset at the state of his tightening reelection race.


This is America.


Today’s Action: We STILL need to fight for Breonna Taylor

More than six months passed between the murder of Breonna Taylor by three Louisville cops and the pathetic non-justice orchestrated by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. The grand jury has not indicted any of the officers with murder – and only one was indicted with reckless endangerment charges, which only applies to the danger he put Breonna’s neighbors (and the property owner’s wall) in, not Breonna herself.

This is a complete disgrace of justice for Breonna Taylor, and all Black Americans who face the ever-present danger of violence and death by law enforcement.

We aren’t finished fighting. Black Lives Matter

Take action today for Breonna Taylor and Black lives everywhere. Refuse to stop fighting. And thank you to BLM Louisville for some of the following actions.

    1. Tell the Louisville Metro Police Department to immediately fire and revoke the pensions of the officers that murdered Breonna.
    2. Call for the immediate resignation or impeachment of Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher.
    3. Donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund, to support protesters arrested while fighting for systemic change in Louisville.
    4. Contact your own local city council member and mayor (or other appropriate elected leadership), and demand they redirect law enforcement funding into programs that address the basic needs of Black communities in your area, such as emergency housing, healthcare, drug counseling, and food access.

Continue to say Breonna Taylor’s name in your fight for justice for Black lives.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding the resignation of Kentucky’s AG after he denied justice for Breonna Taylor, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


Required Reading for the Resistance. Actions that make a difference.