Trump gives creepy talk about women taped up in vans

Trump inspired armed, crazed vigilantes to go to the border with his caravan fear mongering. Tell states: Arrest them!


Today’s Action: Tell the House to pass H.R.1 and restore the Voter Rights Act

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Trump gets really creepy while talking about women taped up in vans

The president’s visit to the border quickly took a strange turn for the worst.

Trump claims he ‘never meant’ Mexico would directly pay for border wall despite repeatedly saying it
Trump COMPLETELY flip-flops on his biggest campaign promise! Will this be the final straw for his supporters?

Take Action: Add your name to urge Speaker Pelosi & Sen. Schumer hold firm. Don’t fund Trump’s stupid border wall!

People in all 50 states are defying Trump’s efforts to undo Obama’s climate saving legacy with this online service

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Sanders mocks Jim Acosta for following Trump to the border and it blew up in her face

Trump’s spokeswoman thought she nailed a zinger, but the CNN reporter struck back and made her look like a fool.

Take Action: Demand Sarah Huckabee Sanders retract her proven lies about “terrorists at Mexico’s border.”

A top Democrat checkmates McConnell on the Senate floor for refusing to open government
The Senate Majority Leader sent a message to thousands of unpaid federal workers that they surely won’t miss.

Take Action: Sign the petition to tell Mitch McConnell to join Democrats in anti-corruption rules or be complicit in the president’s crimes!

FBI agents accuse Trump of endangering national security with his shutdown

America’s lead investigators have come forward to sound the alarm about the looming catastrophe.

Ocasio-Cortez destroys Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller for publishing fake nude photo of her
The Democratic rising star turned the tables and made the right-wing rag pay for their disgusting smear.

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The Trump administration proposes a truly sickening way to pay for his wall
Just when you thought the Trump team couldn’t be any more heartless, they outdid themselves.

A top Republican congressman gives a full-throated defense of white supremacy
This prominent conservative showed his true colors and the silence from the rest his party is deafening.

Today’s Action: Tell the House to pass H.R.1 and restore the Voter Rights Act

H.R.1, the new House’s first piece of legislation, is a sweeping piece of government accountability and democracy reform. On Monday, we covered how H.R.1 would require Trump to release his tax returns. Today, we’re focusing on another aspect: H.R.1 bolsters voter empowerment and returns the Voter Rights Act to its rightful place.

We’ve seen a crushing wave of GOP voter restriction in recent years, mainly targeting people of color, the poor, and the elderly and young people. The real springboard of these atrocities was in 2013, when the right-wing Supreme Court shut down key elements of the historic Voter Rights Act, originally signed into law in 1965. Without these protections, the GOP has quickly reverted back to repressive practices that pre-date the Civil Rights Era.

H.R.1 not only restores the Voter Rights Act, but goes on to create pro-voter measures like same-day and automatic voter registration, preventing gerrymandering with independent redistricting commissions, upgraded election machinery, and much more.

In other words, it’s awesome for democracy.

Call or email your Representative and ask them – once they’ve tackled the government shutdown – to co-sponsor and push forward H.R.1, without watering it down. And if they’ve already co-sponsored, thank them!

In the aftermath of the Voter Rights Act disappearance, the GOP moved fast to target those who would vote against them:

  • Harsh voter I.D. laws that disproportionately affect voters of color and the poor
  • Consolidating polling stations, creating longer lines and inconvenient locations in minority areas
  • Heavily gerrymandered districts (some of which are being caught by our courts — but not all)
  • Purging voter rosters, forcing disenfranchised voters to re-register (and more likely, not vote at all)
  • ‘Missing’ ballots in majority-Black districts (hi, Georgia midterms)

These vile tactics will be addressed and corrected by H.R.1. For yourself, for your fellow voters, for those who cannot currently vote: call your Representative.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Representative and tell them to co-sponsor and, once the government shutdown is resolved, pass H.R.1. Be sure to check whether they’ve already co-sponsored, so that you can thank them while you encourage them to aggressively move it forward.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to tell states to arrest the Trump inspired armed, crazed vigilantes at the border, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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