Trump gives laughable excuse for ‘airports’ gaffe

Demand the resignation of the Trump aide who ordered McCain's name be covered during ceremony!


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Trump gives a laughable excuse for his “Revolutionary War airports” gaffe in his 4th of July speech

The president tried to do damage control but ended up even MORE of a laughingstock.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Analysis of Trump’s parade speech “airport” gaffe excuse

Trump excuse goes beyond parody…

2nd Customs and Border Protection-connected secret Facebook group shows mocking images
Secret postings reveal that the cruelty of Trump’s border agent is no accident.

Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres (audio book)

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Obama’s ethics chief exposes the very worst part of Trump’s 4th of July debacle
The ethics chief who quit in protest of Trump’s corruption took to Twitter to torch the president for his most heinous July 4th offense.

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Trump’s big mouth derails his administration’s own arguments for discriminatory census question

The federal judge presiding over the citizenship census case heard Trump’s comments and set out to investigate.

Take Action: Stop Trump’s scheme to take citizenship away from naturalized Americans!

Far-right arsonist sets himself on fire as he attempts to burn down synagogue
A far-right extremist has been locked up in a UK hospital indefinitely after setting fire to a synagogue.

Trump begins long golf weekend, bringing taxpayers’ tab to $108 Million
The candidate who used to hammer Obama for golfing too much is on track to play two and a half times as much as his predecessor and at three times the cost to taxpayers.

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