Trump goes OFF THE RAILS in first interview since loss

Tell Trump’s EPA to regulate the pollutant that’s caused a massive spike in pandemic deaths. We don’t have time to waste!


Top Stories for November 30:

GOP lawmaker peddling election conspiracy theories tests positive at Oval Office meeting with Trump

Pennsylvania Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano abruptly left a West Wing meeting with the outgoing president after being informed he had tested positive for the virus.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump goes off the deep end in first interview since election loss

The defeated president called in to rant with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo and his deranged remarks sparked new concerns about his stability.

Trump suffers WORST humiliation yet in last-ditch election scheme

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: He finally hit rock bottom.

Biden gains 87 votes in Trump’s ill-fated $3 million Wisconsin recount
To the surprise of absolutely no one, the outgoing president is filing yet another lawsuit because losing is hard.

Take Action: Disbar Giuliani for making a mockery of our democracy with Trump’s frivolous lawsuits to steal the presidency!

Biden announces all-female senior White House press team
President-elect Joe Biden will have an all-female senior communications team at his White House, reflecting his stated desire to build out a diverse executive team and a return to a more traditional press operation.

Supreme Court to hear Trump effort to exclude undocumented immigrants from census count
US Supreme Court justices on Monday are set to consider the outgoing president’s move to exclude undocumented immigrants from the population totals used to allocate congressional districts to states, a facet of his hardline stance toward immigration being pursued in his final weeks in office.

Take Action: Add your name if you commit to helping win both Senate seats in Georgia!

Trump leaves states to grapple with how to distribute scarce vaccines
The Trump administration is shunting to the states hard decisions about which Americans will get the limited early supplies of vaccines — setting up a confusing patchwork of distribution plans that could create unequal access to the life-saving shots.

Say Happy Holidays with Election Victory Gear

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Biden suffers hairline fractures to foot while playing with dog
The president-elect is likely to have to wear a walking boot for several weeks, his doctor said.

Proud Boys and Trump diehards confront counter-protesters in North Carolina: “We will exterminate you”
A band of pandemic deniers, neo-Confederates and pro-Trump diehards protested in Raleigh on Saturday with a “security detail” provided by belligerent Proud Boys.

Millions of workers poised to lose access to paid leave as virus spikes
As many as 87 million public and private sector workers could lose access to the federally mandated benefit at the end of the year.

Take Action: Demand Mitch McConnell stop blocking the pandemic relief bill that the American people desperately need!

Fired director of US cyber agency Chris Krebs says Americans should have 100% confidence in election results
Krebs, a lifelong Republican, was put in charge of the agency handling election security by Trump two years ago. When Krebs said the election was the country’s most secure ever, the outgoing president fired him.


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Today’s Action: Training sessions for phone/text banking in Georgia!

Stacey Abrams, former Georgia House Minority Leader and Democratic candidate for Governor, has led the way in voter registration in her state. Founder of New Georgia Project and Fair Fight, Abrams has dedicated much of her life to registering voters and empowering under-represented communities. And the results: a blue Georgia for Joe Biden. The work of Abrams and thousands of other BIPOC organizers to battle Trump and corrupt GOP leadership in Georgia is truly remarkable.

And now, we have the opportunity as activists from every state in the nation to work with Abrams and all Georgia organizers. Because with the run-off elections for both Georgia Senate seats on January 5, and the GA voter registration deadline next Monday (December 7), it’s our last chance for two years to reclaim the Senate for Democrats and oust Mitch McConnell from his leadership position.

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You worked hard and contributed your time to defeating Donald Trump, and it couldn’t feel more euphoric. But imagine a 2021 without Trump OR McConnell blocking our agenda! We have one month to make this dream come true.

Robust pandemic relief to save lives and end this nightmare. Quality healthcare for all Americans. Statehood for District of Columbia, our first state with a plurality of Black voters. Judicial confirmations for progressive judges. Voter rights and protections instead of suppression. These all require a Democratic majority in the Senate.

So! Roll up your sleeves, warm up your voice or fingers, and get excited to jump in for one more month of election action. Let’s win the Senate!

Sign up for a phone/text bank training session with Stacey Abrams’ organization, Fair Fight, so that you can help Get Out The Vote in Georgia before the December 7th voter registration deadline! Training sessions are required to phone/text bank with Fair Fight!

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PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Trump’s EPA to regulate the pollutant that’s caused a massive spike in pandemic deaths. We don’t have time to waste, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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