Trump goes on unhinged rant over Obama and Woodward

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Trump hits new levels of pathetic in unhinged Twitter rant against Obama and Woodward

The president’s sad insecurities were on full display this morning in his staggering eleven-tweet spree.

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The Dallas Police just gave the worst excuse for their off duty officer’s killing of black man in his own condo
Friday, she gunned him down while he relaxed at home. Today, the Dallas PD pulled out all the stops to protect her.

Take Action: Help support the Black Lives Matter Movement. Read I-D’s guide to the 10 ways you can stand in solidarity, proactively and effectively, with the movement.

Obama and Solar Energy
People In All 50 States Are Defying Trump’s Efforts To Undo Obama’s Climate Saving Legacy With This Online Service

OD Action Partner: Arcadia Power is offering a way for all Americans to join the green power movement — free. No installation, no contract, $20 off your next electric bill.

Bob Woodward exposes the hidden truth behind John Kelly’s and General Mattis’ attacks

Trump’s Chief of Staff and Defense Secretary went after the legendary journalist. Now, he called them out.

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Washington Post’s fact checking chief lands an epic burn on Trump over Obama jealousy
Glenn Kessler saw the Republican president’s pathetic tweet and set the record straight in brutal fashion.

Omarosa just blindsided Trump with a stunning secret recording release

On today’s episode of The View former White House official Omarosa shared a highly embarrassing tape that will drive Trump red with fury.

Trump’s National Security Advisor threatens International Criminal Court with sanctions
John Bolton is going out of his way to ensure the Trump regime escapes global scrutiny

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In March, Democrat Conor Lamb beat his opponent in a Pennsylvania district that Trump stormed by 20 points…and an Ohio district that Trump swept by 11 points came within 1500 votes of electing Democrat Danny O’Connor, who is now fundraising ten times his opponent for the November election.

There will be 78 highly competitive House elections this year, and we only need to flip 23 of them while holding our own seats to win back the House for Democrats.

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