Trump hires sex crimes defenders for impeachment trial

Tell Congressional Republicans: “Break with Trump or resign”


Top Stories for February 1:

Trump announces new legal team, lawyers with unsavory connections to both Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Cosby

The disgraced ex-president announced his newest representation, one day after his old team bailed due to deep disagreements over defense strategy.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican governor humiliates himself when asked if Marjorie Taylor Greene should still serve

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s inability to directly condem the most dangerous elements of the GOP is a testament to just how feckless the Republican party has become.

Take Action: Expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for death threats against other Members of Congress

Bombshell news on QAnon lawmaker leads to calls for expulsion

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This just got serious.

21 men accuse Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver of sending unwanted, explicit messages
Nearly two dozen men have come forward accusing the longtime GOP operative of unwanted sexual advances, including one individual who was still in high school when the harassment began.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov John Fetterman defies Republican-backed law banning his weed and LGBTQ rights flags
Fetterman defiantly stated he will keep replacing the flags if they are removed from the balcony of his office at the state Capitol.

Text messages show top Trump campaign fundraiser’s key role planning pre-siege rally on National Mall

The ex-president’s coordinated attempt to overthrow American democracy took place in plain sight.

Take Action: Arrest and charge every insurgent involved with the Trump-inspired MAGA coup on the Capitol!

10 Senate Republicans outline hollowed-out $600B pandemic-relief counteroffer, will meet with Biden Monday
The GOP senators requested a meeting with President Biden to detail a smaller counterproposal that does not include badly needed aid at the state and local level, a key sticking point in past rounds of relief negotiations. Biden’s $1.9 trillion package includes $350 billion in emergency funding for state and local governments.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to commute all federal death sentences!

“That hurricane is coming”: Disease expert warns US to brace for virulent, deadlier virus strain
Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm predicted on Sunday that the deadlier British variant of the virus will become the dominant strain in the US and could hit the country like a category 5 hurricane.

Trump stockpiles millions in donations as he faces a second impeachment trial
The ex-president’s ongoing grift of his most ardent followers raked in tens of millions of dollars in the final weeks of 2020.

Fox News host, guest compare Biden to a “dictator” in batty conversation about executive orders
Well, that didn’t take long.


Who are we? Who we are…



Today’s Action: Statehood for Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. has a population of approximately 700,000 people, giving the capital city a higher headcount than both Vermont and Wyoming. But unlike the residents of Vermont and Wyoming, who each have two Senators and one Representative in Congress, residents of D.C. have no voice at the federal level.

What’s more, D.C. is a plurality-Black city, meaning there’s a higher percentage (about 45%) of Black residents than any other race, making statehood a major civil rights issue. With a Democratic Trifecta in Congress and the White House, we must move swiftly to give D.C.’s residents the representation they have long deserved!

Call or email your Members of Congress and demand their support for statehood for Washington D.C. – remind them it’s a major civil rights issue. If your MOCs have already co-sponsored (H.R. 51/S. 51), thank them!

Republicans aren’t even denying the political games behind their opposition. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is on the record stating he doesn’t want D.C. or Puerto Rico to ever reach statehood simply because he doesn’t want more Democrats in Congress. No care or consideration for the citizens in those areas who have zero representation to vote on their behalf and fight for their rights.

It’s classic GOP voter suppression to silence voters of color.

Statehood for D.C. would give Congressional voice to hundreds of thousands of BIPOCs who deserve it every bit as much as any other American. The time to enfranchise the people of D.C. is NOW.

Black votes matter. Call or email your Members of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor and support statehood for Washington, D.C. If your MOCs have already co-sponsored (H.R. 51/S. 51), thank them…and urge them to let nothing get in the way of passing it!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Congressional Republicans to break with Trump or resign, and get your copy of the delightful “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening)” by Pantsuit Politics hosts, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth A. Silvers, a fun read to help us cope with the aftermath of a post-Trump America.


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