Trump hits campaign trail in humiliating gripe fest

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Top Stories for June 27:

Trump grumbles about the military and recites song lyrics in pathetic return to campaign trail

The disgraced ex-president teased a 2024 run, giving him a rare chance to lose the popular vote three times.

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Black Voters Matter Freedom Rides reaches Washington for massive demonstration for voting rights
With Republicans’ massive assault on minority voting rights, activists made clear that they are ready to fight back.

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Manchin makes STUNNING move on For The People Act

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa!

After meeting with Kevin McCarthy, officer beaten in Capitol attack say “I need a drink”
The hero cop pleaded with the Republican House leader to acknowledge the truth and call out the most insidious in his own party, but he got only platitudes.

Trump threatens Wisconsin Republicans: support 2020 election audit or be “quickly run out of office”
Of course, most in the GOP will choose to stay in the disgraced ex-president’s good graces by perpetuating a big lie and selling out American democracy.

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Democrats cite Ku Klux Klan Act in suits over “Trump Train” Texas bus incident
Law enforcement officials in San Marcos, Texas “abdicated” their responsibility to protect the bus “despite repeated calls for help”.

Take Action: Tell Google: Remove white supremacist and Nazi content from Google Podcasts

Arizona House OK’s big loopholes for new tax on wealthy
In case there was any doubt, Republicans reminded us whose side their on.

Chinese surveillance firm uses members of Congress to build influence
The revolving door between Congress and lobbyists is playing right into China’s hands.

Democrats sue Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after he cancels funding for legislature
The Republican threw an unconstitutional tantrum after Democrats stalled his voter suppression scheme, and he’ll have to defend his tyrannical actions in court.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court throws out latest election lawsuit
This voter suppression scheme hit a legal wall.

Homeland Security worries Trump-reinstatement conspiracy theory will trigger violence in August
While the theory is legally impossible, there is reason for concern about the disgraced ex-president’s legion of deranged followers.

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Swing and a miss…

Broken systems, dire consequences…


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