Trump humiliates himself with ‘proof’ Pelosi had meltdown

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BREAKING: Rep. Elijah Cummings, a Maryland Democrat and House Oversight Chairman, dies at 68
The progressive fighter and Trump nemesis passed away at Johns Hopkins Hospital, his office confirmed.

Trump tweets out embarrassing photos of himself in botched attempt to prove Pelosi had meltdown, not him

Trump seemed to think that tweeting out pictures of him throwing a tantrum in his meeting with Pelosi would make him seem strong. It had the complete opposite effect.

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Nancy Pelosi employs brilliant tactic to humiliate Trump

BTC breaks down how the Democratic Speaker got under Trump’s incredibly thin skin.

Trump sends juvenile letter to Turkish President Erdoğan begging him to “make a deal” to save his presidency
Fox Business got their hands on the Republican president’s unprofessional letter and went public with it on Wednesday afternoon.

Take Action: Tell Congress to undo Trump’s deadly betrayal of Kurdish allies before anyone else gets killed!

Trump excuses his betrayal of allies by saying that Kurds are “a bigger threat than ISIS”
The president began openly repeating Turkish government propaganda in press conference with the Italian prime minister.

Officials reveal Trump deliberately ignored Syria exit plans designed to keep Russia at bay
The NSC had developed multiple contingency plans for a withdrawal, but the president chose the path that benefited Putin.

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My Own Words — by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Trump smears his ex-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis as “the world’s most overrated general”
The president did not respond well to criticisms of his Syria catastrophe from the decorated general.

Trump suggests Obama was involved in “2016 election corruption” and DNC hack was inside job
The president’s press conference veered into conspiracy theories as he desperately tried to take attention off his impeachment scandals.

Never-before-seen Trump tax documents show major inconsistencies
The president’s businesses made themselves appear more profitable to lenders and less profitable to tax officials. One expert calls the differing numbers “versions of fraud.”

Cuomo signs law aimed at weakening Trump’s pardon power, closes ‘double jeopardy’ loophole
Lawmakers said the measure was necessary to ensure state investigations don’t get derailed by the president.


Today’s Action: Push key Senators towards impeachment

Democrats in the House are doing the work needed to impeach Trump (though a few, mostly newer Reps in swing districts, still need a push toward endorsing the impeachment inquiry). And while they carry out the investigation, it’s up to us to ensure the next step goes smoothly.

If the House votes to impeach Trump, he’ll be placed on trial in the Senate to determine whether his crimes are worthy of removing him from office. It is entirely possible for Trump to be impeached, but not removed from office, and then run for re-election (though it would be a first) – so it is vitally important that we guarantee a fair and open trial in the Republican-controlled Senate, where many of Trump’s most loyal vultures will be taking every opportunity to obstruct justice.

Indivisible has identified the 13 Republican Senators who are most likely to swing towards impeachment. It’s all hands on deck to ensure Trump’s trial happens fairly and openly by calling voters in those states and asking them to make this demand of their Senator. Sign up for a shift today!

Trump is facing multiple whistleblowers who have all accused him of a crime he himself has admitted to publicly: using the influence and powers of his office for private gain against a political rival. Impeachment is on the horizon.

But Mitch McConnell has been the GOP’s biggest roadblock since well before Trump. McConnell blocked, unconstitutionally, Obama’s replacement for Supreme Court by refusing to hold a vote. And he has gleefully blocked over 150 House bills from ever reaching the floor of the Senate, denying them the chance to face a vote, from desperately needed election security to bipartisan gun reform to the Violence Against Women Act.

McConnell needs to feel the pressure from every single Senator, Democrat and GOP, to allow a fair, just trial of Trump’s crimes. Because if he doesn’t, his track record already tells us what comes next.

Help Indivisible make 11 million calls to voters in key states, connecting them to the Republican Senators most likely to support a fair and open trial of Trump’s crimes. Sign up for a shift today.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition Tell Congress: Pass the No President is Above the Law Act to hold Trump accountable for his crimes!, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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