Trump defends his grammar… and humiliates himself

The NFL caved to Trump's demand to ban players kneeling. Demand sponsors fight back and stop them!


Today’s Action: Organize and empower your community to vote November 6th

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Trump tweet

Trump tries to defend his writing skills and humiliates himself in the very same tweet
The president’s ignorance backfired in epic fashion on Twitter.

Detained immigrants reveals the awful ultimatum Trump is offering them to get their kids back
The president and his cronies just revealed the real reason why they took kids away from their parents.

Take Action: Add your name to demand Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary resign for snatching children from parents

Obama and Solar Energy
People In All 50 States Are Defying Trump’s Efforts To Undo Obama’s Climate Saving Legacy With This Online Service

OD Action Partner: Arcadia Power is offering a way for all Americans to join the green power movement — free. No installation, no contract, $20 off your next electric bill.

Ryan, Jordan and Trump

Paul Ryan weighs in on pro-Trump rep’s teen boy sex scandal and it does not bode well
The Republican House Speaker’s statement is bad news for his Trump-loving colleague.

Take Action: Sign the petition to stop Trump from pardoning himself and his corrupt cronies!

Anti-Trump Republicans unveils a powerful Fourth of July surprise for Trump fans
When the president and the MAGA crowd turn on FOX News tomorrow, they’ll be astonished by what they see.

Take Action: Sign the petition to demand that Trump not send refugees back to persecution and death.

Lieu and Trump

Ted Lieu accuses Trump’s most hated Cabinet member of committing a felony
The top Democrat just caused a massive headache for the beleaguered White House.

Take Action: Even by Trump’s LOW standards, his EPA chief is a total crook! Add your name to FIRE SCOTT PRUITT NOW!

Startling new reports reveal an unprecedented power grab by top Trump cabinet member
The president and his team were blindsided by the news of an astonishing coup by his most shameless appointee.

Protest 24/7 with gear from Resistance Merch
People are saying Trump wants apology from progressive merch store

OD Action Partner: Resistance Merch refuses to back down, instead doubles down with new products, discounted prices and free shipping from July 4th to July 19th! Gear up for the resistance today.

Today’s Action: Organize and empower your community to vote November 6th

Today, as we celebrate on our nation’s birthday, let us reflect on its founding principle — the freedom to choose our leaders and representatives.

That foundation was flawed from the start — with only white, land-owning males boasting a right to vote in 1776. But for nearly two and a half centuries, determined activists have successfully fought to make things better, expanding voting rights to including women and African Americans.

Through fierce opposition, Civil Rights heroes fought to outlaw the discriminatory voting practices of Jim Crow, opening the doors to more diversity in Congress, state legislatures, and of course the White House.

But in 2013, the right-leaning Supreme Court reversed a key component of the Civil Rights Act, and we’ve seen floods of voter suppression laws in GOP-led states since then.

In the spirit of our founding principles, it is our duty and privilege as Americans to fight this by re-gaining voting rights for those in our community that the right-wing hopes to suppress.

The most important tool we have at our disposal is our voting power. With midterms in a few months, we must commit to mobilizing voter registration in our communities.

Most of us are part of a community, though community is different for each person. Whether it be school, church, theater, softball team, neighborhood, or even online gaming, the most powerful outreach we can make is often those close to you. Today’s action isn’t just for today — but July 4 is the perfect time to help ensure one of our nation’s most sacred founding principles.

  1. Identify your community.
  2. Arrange a voter registration event in your community by September 1st and use the OD Action voter registration tool to register voters and confirm registration details.
  3. Commit to the plan and follow through.

As for today, enjoy some time with friends and loved ones if you’re able — barbeque and fireworks if that’s your thing — because even the resistance needs a day off sometimes.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demand NFL sponsors fight back against the NFL caving to Trump’s demand to ban players kneeling, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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