Trump humiliates Melania boarding Air Force One

If Trump wants to drill offshore, make him start at Mar a Lago!

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Trump boarding

Trump gets caught on video abandoning Melania in the freezing wind as he fled for cover [WATCH]
BREAKING: He humiliated his wife in full view of the press while boarding Air Force One.

Republicans punish Delta for ending NRA discount. Delta’s response broke the internet
Georgia Republicans did not anticipate such a humiliating response.

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Alec Baldwin Tweet

Alec Baldwin hits Trump below the belt with personal jab about Melania
The president definitely won’t be able to let this go unanswered.

Trump stabs Ivanka and Jared in the back in stunning betrayal
The president has taken a side in the White House civil war and thrown his own family to the wolves.

Trump trade

Trump gets implicated in an insider trading scheme that may explain his latest controversial move
This time, the money trail leads right to the Oval Office.

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Texas Democrats score a significant victory at the ballot box
If this is any indication of the future, the Lone Star state will soon become a blue state.

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