Trump ignored Feb. report COVID could kill 150,000 Americans


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Tell the media: Stop repeating Trump's pandemic lies — they're getting people killed!


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Army warned in early February that coronavirus could kill 150,000 Americans

While the president was still downplaying the COVID-19 epidemic, an Army briefing warned of the scale of death Trump now concedes.

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Trump threatens Democrats not to investigate him for response to outbreak

The president has the blood of thousands of Americans on his hand and is threatening those who would hold him accountable.

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Americans enraged as Jared Kushner speaks at the white house coronavirus task force briefing
Trump’s nepotism means death for many Americans.

Take Action: Jared Kushner is a threat to national security. Demand Trump’s son-in-law’s clearance be revoked!

Trump hasn’t ordered any ventilators from GM, despite saying he was using wartime powers to force production
Another lie from the Republican president that will get untold numbers of Americans killed.

Take Action: Trump promised corporations would volunteer to help. Enough waiting. FORCE the wealthy to help combat the pandemic!

Florida’s Republican governor overrides counties to allow church during coronavirus lockdown
In sucking up to the religious right, DeSantis is endangering the lives of thousands in his own state and beyond.

In one New York COVID-19 hospital, staff must believe same-sex marriage leads to hell
The hospital is funded by anti-LGBT+ organization Samaritan’s Purse run by Franklin Graham.

Election year is here!

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Wisconsin primary to go on but absentee voting extended, federal judge rules
The judge has made vote-by-mail much easier even as he railed against the plan to move forward with the primary.

Elizabeth Warren: how John Bolton blew off senators who asked about global pandemics
The senator recounts her 2018 effort to get the Trump White House to take the threat seriously.

It’s a joke: NYC health execs express fury that 1,000 bed USNS Comfort has only 20 patients after big Trump promises
Trump dispatched the Navy hospital ship as a beacon of hope but has again failed to deliver.

Banks warn of ‘utter chaos’ in emergency small business lending program
The program is supposed to begin at midnight, but banks say there is so little guidance from the Trump administration that they may not be able to lend.

Coronavirus bill allows DeVos to waive parts of federal special education law
The cold-hearted education secretary has a new way to screw over students.

Trump letter attacking Schumer is sent as President says ‘this is not the time for politics’
The president went on a rampage against those who would hold him to account.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp admits he just learned asymptomatic people can spread coronavirus
This is a game changer for us,” Kemp said Wednesday, as he announced a shelter-in-place order in his state.

74 journalism professors accuse Fox News of spreading coronavirus misinformation
The Republican propaganda network is getting its own viewers killed.

Trump’s company seeks financial help as coronavirus takes toll
The Trump Organization’s requests put lenders and landlords in the awkward position of having to accede or risk alienating Trump.


Today’s Action: Urge your news station to drop Trump’s COVID-19 press briefings

Last week, the Seattle NPR radio station KUOW decided to stop hosting Trump’s live COVID-19 task force briefings. Why? Because by live-airing the misinformation, overt racism, and parades of Bible-thumping-Trump-cheering CEOs, these reality-tv-briefings cannot be fact-checked or commented upon in real-time. And we’ve seen the consequences: bewildering lies that do the opposite of inform, a significant uptick in violence towards Asian Americans, and avoidable death due to people following Trump’s terrible advice.

KUOW is a news station with the mission statement of informing their listeners, and keeping them safe and healthy. Broadcasting Trump’s blatant lies is something every news organization should be reconsidering during this time, as confirmed U.S. infections are surpassing 200,000 and over 4,700 have already lost their lives in our country.

Most major networks have opted to shorten their coverage, and this week CNN cut away from Trump’s speech entirely only to return for the panel with doctors and experts. We’re getting there…so let’s do a big push.

Call or email your preferred broadcast television and/or radio news source and ask them to follow KOUW’s lead by discontinuing live broadcasts of Trump’s COVID-19 briefings. His outright lies, misinformation, and racism without fact-checking are not responsible or safe journalism.

KUOW shared three examples of Trump’s misinformation which could not be fact-checked in real-time, and the following is KUOW’s commentary:

  • “Nobody knew there’d be a pandemic or an epidemic of this proportion,” President Trump said at a live White House briefing on March 19 despite warnings from the U.S. Intelligence community earlier this year.
  • “You’re seeing very few empty shelves,” our listeners heard live from President Trump on March 20. Local reporting shows many stores are out of basic supplies, including hand soap.
  • We’re going to be able to make the drug chloroquine “available almost immediately” said President Trump on March 19. The president claimed, incorrectly, that the FDA had fast-tracked approval of its use to treat COVID-19. There isn’t current medical evidence of the efficacy of that drug in treating COVID-19.

We’re listing these examples here so that you’re able to share with your news source. This is not a political move; we genuinely wish Trump would provide accurate information, and desperately hope action like KUOW’s will adjust his behavior going forward. In the meantime, we need to keep our communities as safe as possible during this deadly pandemic.

Email or call the broadcast radio or television news source you patronize and ask them to discontinue live broadcast of Trump’s COVID-19 briefings, as they cannot be fact-checked, and share KUOW’s examples above.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on the media to stop repeating Trump’s deadly pandemic lies, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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