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Today’s Action: Go on offense!

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Today’s Action: Go on offense!

Happy Election Year!

For the last 345 days, we’ve played defense against the most tyrannical regime in modern American history (there isn’t even a close second), and we’ve done it well.

Today, we go on offense.

This year, we aren’t just defending ourselves against Trump, we begin the hard work of exercising our constitutional right to overthrow his congressional enablers.

Democrats begin 2018 in an unexpectedly strong position. Tea party gerrymandering so egregiously cheated voters out of fair representation that Democrats need a +9 edge in generic balloting to retake the majority.

House Democratic candidates start the year holding an average +13 edge with Democrats continuing to climb.

In the Senate, Republicans were thought to be a lock thanks to a slew of red state seats up in 2018. Then, Doug Jones shocked the world and everything changed. Democrats now need just two pick-ups to win the Senate and are looking very strong in Nevada, Arizona, and even Texas.

The path to righting our sinking ship of state is clear, it is real, and it starts now.

The first special election of 2018 is in Pennsylvania in less than three months, where Democrat Connor Lamb has a shot to flip a seat once thought too red to contest and could use our support.

You can also check out Swing Left and Sister District to get to work in your area and important key districts around the country.

The work to retake Congress and hold Trump accountable starts now.

It’s an election year. And it’s ours to win.