Trump invents pathetic phrase to excuse his bad reputation

Stop sore loser Republicans from stripping power from incoming Demcorats during the lame duck session!


Today’s Action: Tell Congress to condemn the use of tear-gas at our borders

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Trump invents a pathetic new phrase in whiny tweet about his bad reputation

The Republican president reaches the bottom of his excuse barrel.

Trump says he doesn’t care about predicted US national debt explosion because ‘I won’t be here’
Aides reportedly reveal president does not see tackling ballooning $21.8 trillion debt as ‘crucial’ to his legacy

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People in all 50 states are defying Trump’s efforts to undo Obama’s climate saving legacy with this online service

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Trump selects a former FOX & Friends host to be the next U.N. Ambassador

The Republican president’s choice to replace Nikki Haley as America’s top ambassador is an absolute embarrassment.

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Missouri launches an investigation into its newly elected Republican U.S. senator
Last month, he beat Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill. Now, they’ll have to put the champagne on ice.

Take Action: Add your name to call for new election in North Carolina amid proof of Republican fraud!

White House officials reveal why Trump has been privately fuming over Bush’s funeral

While he has been unusually subdued in public this week, he’s been lashing out at everyone behind closed doors.

Ocasio and Tlaib call out ex-Goldman CEO after he said they’re “in over their heads”
The incoming progressive Democratic duo got scolded by Gary Cohn and struck back with defiance.

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Today’s Action: Tell Congress to condemn the use of tear-gas at our borders

On November 25, our Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents used tear gas (a chemical weapon) against asylum-seeking refugees on the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana, including small children still in diapers — a clear violation of international law.

This should be enough for every member of Congress to publicly condemn Trump’s actions, yet another stomach-churning example of violence against the most vulnerable. But in addition to this disgraceful incident, Trump has intentionally bottle-necked the asylum process, both deterring border crossing between ports of entry AND restricting access in the “allowed” ports. The result is nearly 5,000 asylum-seekers camped in Mexico, with a months-long unofficial waiting list…hungry, desperate, and frightened.

With our administration monstrously blocking the perfectly-legal asylum process and attacking migrants, we must call or email our members of Congress: demand that our reps call for a faster processing system for asylum-seekers and an investigation of the illegal use of chemical weapons on November 25.

The act of accepting asylum from Central and South American refugees isn’t simply a good deed we can choose to take due to charity in our hearts. Past and recent U.S. military intervention and corporate draining of resources across the two continents are a primary and direct cause of the economic and political instability these migrants are now fleeing.

The past actions of our country are now in full view along our borders, and Trump’s first chance to initiate reparations resulted in racist blanket-denial and tear-gassed toddlers.

We must do better.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand they call for an investigation of the illegal November 25 tear-gassing, and tell them to call for a solution to speed up the asylum processing.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to prevent Republican loser from stripping power from Democrats before they take office, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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