Trump issues typo-riddled statement on Barbara Bush’s love for literacy

Make Mike Pence pay back the $250,000 he spent for his racist NFL stunt!


Today’s Action: Support a music video that promotes gun reform

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Trump and Barbara Bush

Trump releases typo-riddled statement celebrating Barbara Bush’s love for literacy
The humiliating response to Mrs. Bush’s passing is causing a major stir on social media.

McConnell finally announces decision about fate of bill to protect Mueller from Trump
The Republican Senate Majority Leader just decided whether the bill will live or die.

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Impeach Trump & Pence

Trump and Assad

Israeli intelligence reveals Trump’s Syria airstrikes were a humiliating failure
Trump proudly proclaimed “Mission Accomplished” – but our close allies have some VERY bad news for him.

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A top Republican congressman resigns over Trump, setting up crucial special election
This surprise announcement has left Trump and his Republican cronies reeling.

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Clintons and Barbara Bush

The Clintons issues a powerful response to Barbara Bush’s passing
Their touching statement is exactly what America needs right now.

Fox News finally addresses the Hannity-Trump lawyer scandal, and their response is disgusting
The president’s favorite propaganda network could not have handled this any worse.

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Only You Can Prevent Fascism

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Today’s Action: Support a music video that promotes gun reform

There are many routes to passing stronger gun safety laws in our country. Direct calls and emails to our representatives is one — adding our voices to protests and marches is another. Yet a third approach is reaching and encouraging fellow voters…and future voters.

That’s why today’s action takes a break from calling Congress and instead is about supporting a project that speaks to our brave and powerful student population, encouraging them to continue fighting for themselves.

Bodies: Place Called Us is a music video under development that tackles gun reform, set to the lyrical music of musician Alex Mackey. The production needs 1000 ‘followers’ by April 25 on Seed & Spark in order to qualify for vital funding. No donation necessary — just your ‘follow’ of support!

‘Follow’ Bodies: Place Called Us on Seed & Spark to help this important project qualify for funding – change tomorrow’s laws by encouraging today’s youth!

The arts and pop culture have always been a field where progressive ideas and political change ignite. And music videos specifically have a long history of spreading clear political ideas to millions of viewers in mere minutes.

Bodies: Place Called Us has an experienced 90% female and 10% allies production team, with a long history of crafting strong messages, including executive producer Penelope Wong (who worked on the Academy Award nominated “Last Day of Freedom”) and director Reena Dutt (PSA for the #MeToo movement seen on NowThis and HuffPost.)

The most powerful voices we’ve heard recently are the youth of our nation, speaking out in the wake of the Parkland, Florida tragedy – and we’re already seeing their positive effect on legislators. We must do all we can to support their efforts.

Help Bodies: Place Called Us reach 1000 followers on Seed & Spark by April 25 by ‘following’ and sharing! As Snoop Dogg (née Lion née Dogg) said in his anti-gun violence video, “No guns allowed.”

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition making Mike Pence pay back the $250,000 he spent for his racist NFL stunt, and join the Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!


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