Trump issues unhinged response to Facebook ban

Urge President Biden to do more to save lives in India where the pandemic is still raging out of control


Top Stories for May 6:

Trump issues enraged statement in response to the upholding of his Facebook ban

The disgraced ex-president erupted in fury at the news his digital exile isn’t ending anytime soon.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News host argues with 6th grader about Trump on air

Brian Kilmeade, who is 56 years old, literally argued with an 11-year-old on air in a most cringeworthy, sycophantic defense of Trump.

Take Action: Tell America’s TV networks to STOP IGNORING CLIMATE CHANGE!

Buttigieg humiliates Ted Cruz for sleeping during Biden address

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Brilliant.

McConnell admits he is 100% focused on stopping Biden
If you were holding out hope that the Senate Minority Leader was even 1% concerned about the struggle of American families or Kentuckians, we’ve got bad news for you.

Take Action: Censure McConnell for voting to acquit Trump and then ADMITTING he was guilty!

Trump Republicans have had it with Liz Cheney and the democracy she chooses to defend
The disgraced ex-president’s stranglehold on the GOP — despite social media bans — has been on full display in the ongoing debacle over Cheney’s pushback against Trump’s “BIG LIE” narrative.

Take Action: Tell President Biden and Congress to end subsidies to fossil fuel companies!

Biden backs waiving vaccine patent protections to help beat pandemic

The World Health Organization’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, praised the US decision as a “monumental moment in the fight against” the virus that reflects the “moral leadership” of the White House in the fight to end the pandemic.

Take Action: Add your name to tell the Senate to join the House in voting to make DC the 51st state!

Arizona Senate audit observers forced to sign non-disclosure agreements
The GOP’s so-called audit of ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona, which is being conducted by a company whose actual name is Cyber Ninjas, has a new twist — non-disclosure agreements to muzzle any volunteers from speaking out.

Justice Department preps plea deals for MAGA rioters from viral video of cops trapped in Capitol tunnel
With more than 400 defendants charged in federal court so far, many of the Capitol insurrection cases are expected to end with plea deals rather than trials.

Florida’s top cops targeted a DNC member to kick him out of Gov. DeSantis’s public meeting
The Democratic activist attests that he was ejected because of political reasons.

Trump’s Navy chief blew $2M on eight-month traveling spree
Trump’s Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite embarked on 22 foreign and domestic trips during his brief stint in the job, costing taxpayers more than $2.4 million.

Judge strikes down federal eviction moratorium, setting up high-stakes appeal
The case was brought by the Alabama Association of Realtors, which argued that the CDC doesn’t have the power to tell landlords they can’t evict people during a pandemic.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Let’s improve and pass the American Families Plan, Part 2!

Yesterday, we took action to support and strengthen President Biden’s American Families Plan, a $1.8 trillion investment in education, childcare, and paid family leave. To recap, it includes affordable childcare and universal preschool, free community college, strengthening our workforce of teachers and childcare workers, expanding the free school meals program to more low-income families – and much more.

We support it, and, as usual, we also want to make it even better before the final vote! Yesterday, we asked Congress to include a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, and the 5 million undocumented essential workers who pulled us through this pandemic. And today…

Call or email your Members of Congress and ask them to pass the American Families Plan – AND include a robust plan to lower prescription drug prices, as outlined in the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ THRIVE Act!

Prescription drug costs are twice as high for Americans as folks in other Western industrialized countries, and out-of-pocket expenses increase every year. For example, the asthma drug Flovent costs $152 in the UK and Australia…but a whopping $781 in the United States. Exorbitant drug costs pose a literal life or death problem for millions of Americans, who make the choices between paying for the medicine to stay alive versus covering other basic needs.

Lowering these expenses has strong bipartisan support among voters, which means this is a great agenda to push for and organize around if you live in a red state! And trust us…if this isn’t currently a problem for you, you’ll want to solve it now before it becomes a personal reality.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand they include a plan to lower prescription drug prices in the American Families Plan! Refer Democrats to the prescription drug strategy outlined in the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ THRIVE Act.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition urging President Biden to do more to save lives in India, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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