Trump Jr.’s estranged wife hires a criminal defense attorney

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Vanessa Trump

Trump Jr.’s estranged wife hires a criminal defense attorney
Her guilty conscience finally got the best of her, and she decided to take action.

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Six new women come forward alleging affairs and hush money from Donald Trump
Stormy Daniels’ bravery has opened the floodgates for other women to tell their stories and they’re coming out in droves.


Trump Jr and Model

A model reveals the scandalous secret messages Donald Trump Jr. sent her
After the bombshell news of the First Son’s divorce, he’s having his dirty laundry publicly aired.

White House announces Ivanka to meet with Korean top minister after Tillerson firing
This latest announcement raises a whole new set of disturbing questions about the First Daughter’s role in the White House.

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Fox anchors

Civil war breaks out at FOX News after Shep Smith airs Hannity’s dirty laundry
After Smith surprisingly pounced on his own colleague, all hell broke loose at the pro-Trump network.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer accuses Trump of disgusting acts while President
Not even the office of the presidency could make Trump give up his old ways.

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