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Top Stories for November 12:

Mark Kelly wins re-election in Arizona, leaving Democrats one seat away from keeping Senate

A win in either toss-up Nevada or run-off Georgia would give Democrats control of the Senate after Republicans pissed away their red wave hopes on a campaign of ending democracy and ignoring the problems of struggling Americans.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz loses it, has full-blown meltdown over election results on air

Yeah, guess what Ted Cruz, it turns out campaigning on the most deranged conspiracy theories about gay books and litter boxes in school is actually extremely alienating to normal people who haven’t had a psychic lobotomy from overexposure to Fox News!

Take Action: Expel Ted Cruz from the Senate!

Herschel Walker is a reckless loose cannon of violence, evil deeds and treacherous lies

No Dem Left Behind: America cannot afford to disgrace it’s Senate with the presence of a soulless sell-out like Herschel Walker

Insulin price-gouger’s stock tanks after Twitter impersonator posts “Insulin is free now!”
In an extremely predictable and hilarious series of events, Elon Musk’s new “Twitter Blue” program, which allows any user to buy the coveted “blue checkmark” for just $8, led to a spree of imposters cracking jokes. But one clever user pretended to be the pharma company Eli Lilly and announced that insulin was now free (as it should be), leading to a 4.5% drop in the company’s stock price. Eli Lilly has increased the price of insulin by 1200% since 1996.

Take Action: Demand Congress lower drug prices now!

World on track for record climate emissions in 2022
As the deadline for climate change’s point of absolutely no return races ever closer, the world’s major industrial powers have collected chosen to release strong statement make just a little bit more money before taking action.

Take Action: Tell Biden to commit to ending fossil fuels!

Trump lashes out against Youngkin: “He couldn’t have won without me”
The cantankerous decaying racist continued his bellicose campaign to tear the Republican Party apart on Friday by attacking Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin, who he accused of having a “Chinese sounding name” and who “couldn’t have won without me.”

Sam Bankman-Fried steps down as FTX CEO as his crypto exchange files for bankruptcy
In what will hopefully be the death knell for the destructive scam that is cryptocurrency, prominent exchange FTX went from being valued at $32 billion to bankruptcy as liquidity dried up and customers panicked. You will not be surprised to learn that infamous Trump comms director Anthony Scarmucci was a major investor.

Unexpected early vote news stuns the US

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Andrew Gillum legal team demands court hearing, citing Donald Trump rant on Ron DeSantis
Trump’s wild claim that he abused his position to get federal investigators to intervene in the 2018 Florida governor’s race on behalf of DeSantis has raised a LOT of eyebrows — and now legal action.

North Carolina sheriff who quit after racist remarks gets re-elected within weeks
Sheriff Jody Greene was caught saying “I’m sick of these Black bastards – I’m gonna clean house and be done with it. They’re gone. I’m telling you…[I’ll] fire every motherfucker out there.” Somehow, the people of Columbus county felt this was a man who deserved to have a second chance at running a police department, and for some reason, many Black people remain distrustful of police and are convinced that we’ve solved racism.


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