Trump makes George Bush’s death all about himself

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Trump tweets about George H. W. Bush’s death and manages to make it all about himself

Not even the passing of a former president could rein in Trump’s raging narcissism.

A Utah man goes on a rampage at a tire shop, “I’m here to kill Mexicans”
A Mexican-American-owned family business is now blaming Trump for their harrowing nightmare.

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Scientists say global warming is worse than we thought. Now you can do your part to save the planet — FREE

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19 of 20 World Leaders Just Pledged to Fight Climate Change. Trump Was the Lone Holdout.

At the G-20 summit,”Trump remained firmly alone in his belief that climate change is a hoax.”

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A reporter calls out Trump at the G-20 summit for insulting the Bush family
As arrangements are made to bury President George H. W. Bush, a brave reporter put Trump on the spot.

Defense Secretary Mattis makes a startling revelation about Putin and the 2018 midterms
As the Russian leader showed Trump up at the G20, “Mad Dog” dropped a bombshell about last month’s elections.

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Cohen: Trump Knew I Called Kremlin for Help With Trump Tower Moscow
The president downplays his knowledge of the project, but his ex-fixer says he knew a lot—and that a cover-up before Congress was crafted while talking to Trump’s lawyers.

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