Trump makes pathetic excuse for cancelling UK trip

Stop the racist excuses

Today’s Action: Guarantee the RIGHT to vote

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Trump makes a truly pathetic excuse for canceling his big trip to United Kingdom
He let his insecurities show and left the whole world laughing at his expense.

Mexico’s ex-President gives the best response to Trump’s “shithole countries” comment
Vicente Fox saw his nemesis’s disgustingly racist comment and went megaviral with his comeback.

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Get the gear that’s got Trump’s panties in a bunch
OD Action Partner: All the best progressive gear and anti-Trump gifts.


Trump Jr. gets caught in a salacious pornography scandal on Twitter
The president’s son’s personal tastes were accidentally blasted to the entire world.

Dan Rather breaks the internet with a brutal response to Trump’s “shithole countries” comment
The legendary newsman heard the news and went straight to Facebook

Steve Bannon sets in motion his payback against Trump, and Mueller is licking his chops
Capitol Hill is abuzz this morning with the former Chief Strategist’s latest move.

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Today’s Action: Guarantee the RIGHT to vote

It’s an election year, and Republicans are right to be shaking in their boots and retiring at an unprecedented rate. But in some states, Republicans are hoping they can overcome their unpopularity by denying millions of American adults their right to vote.

In these states, citizens are robbed of their right to vote because of a past conviction even after they have served out their sentences. In Florida alone, 1.6 million have had their voting rights taken from them — one in 10 adults.

Now, we have a chance to change this un-American, partisan political attack on our fellow citizens’ rights.

The good people at StayWoke and have led an effort to get voter rights restoration on Florida ballots this year, and they are very close to getting the signatures they need by the February 1 deadline.

Let’s help them get over the top. Here’s what you can do:

Every American deserves the right to have a say in their government — especially those who have paid their assigned debt to society. That right is being denied to far too many of us, and this is our chance to do something about it. But we have to act fast.

Help guarantee the right to vote today.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Trump if he wants to drill offshore he must start at Mar a Lago, and join the Americans telling the Senate to decriminalize marijuana!